ALM - Round 7 Discussion - 2023/24

Friday, December 8
Central Coast vs Western United @ 7:45pm AEDT
Perth vs Melbourne City @ 9:45pm AEDT

Saturday, December 9
Wellington vs Newcastle @ 5:30pm AEDT

Sunday, December 10
Adelaide vs Brisbane @ 3:00pm AEDT
Western Suburbs vs Melbourne V @ 5:00pm AEDT

My predictions for this week:
Central Coast 2-1 Western Utd
Perth 1-2 Melbourne City
Wellington 5-0 Newcastle
Adelaide 3-2 Brisbane
Shit 1-0 Turd Sandwich

The question is whether :poop: is worse by itself or in bread.

On one hand, shit lives closer to us and around us and therefore it’s stench is more present.

On the other hand, turd sandwich has been trying to get us to eat it for longer.

Dan Hall with an early goal for the Mariners. Not good signs for WU from that corner.

Peach of a finish from TĂşlio for #3 but given so much space.
I hadn’t seen them much this season so I didn’t quite realize how bad Western are.

I don’t think it is a stretch to say that the Mariners should be 7 or 8 up here.

Not only do they have a bad squad but its clear that Aloisi has reached the end of the line at WU. The players aren’t playing for him anymore, and a lot of those players are barely good enough for ALM. I wouldn’t even have them as a squaddie at Sydney.

Also give Mariners a little credit. They’re starting to look pretty dangerous for the middle third of the season.

Agreed but Socceroos Legend Andy Harper seems to think that a front 2 of Lachie Wales and Noah Botic is one of the best in the league.

No way should Tratt have returned to the game

Me: “There’s a corner. They’ll probably score again.”

nek minnit

Aloisi is going to be lucky to see the game out at this rate.

FMD. At this rate, even we’re going to score from a corner against them in a few weeks :joy:

They had every single one of their players in the box for that last corner and not one of them made a play at the ball. Even THB had no idea he had the ball there for a moment.

Can’t agree with Mossy. That’s a red every day of the week. Last man, Talbot never played for the ball.

EDIT: Saw it again. Maybe its not that clear cut. Someone was coming across to cover.

That’s not last man

Yeah I’ll retract that and agree. At least they could reverse it.

A bit unlucky for Leckie, but that’s still handball.

Why didn’t Taggart, vice captain of my fantasy team take that?

Perth fans. “Same old Melbourne, always cheating”

Never change, Perth :roll_eyes:

The black screen may be an improvement

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