ALM - Round 9 Discussion - 2023/24


Brisbane Roar Vs Central Coast Mariners
7:45pm, Suncorp Stadium


Adelaide United Vs Newcastle Jets
7:45pm, Coopers Stadium


Wellington Phoenix Vs Western Sydney Wanderers
3:30pm, Sky Stadium

Melbourne City Vs AS
7:45pm, AAMI Park

Perth Glory Vs Macarthur FC
10:30pm, HBF Park

Anyone else not have access to the Paramount stream at the moment?

I have it, there is a rain delay

Have to laugh at the kids holding their hands out hoping to get a touch of one of the players only to have the kid mascots slap their hands instead.

Why would you re-turf 95% of the surface? Could they not afford the other 5%?

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Got on finally.

On 12 Aug that pitch was good enough to play a WWC QF on. How did they ruin it so quickly

Fuck paramount. Took to the 28th minute to work, and keeps on dropping out.

Even their app is fucking dogshit, buggy and laggy as all hell

The weather has been pretty shit with some big storms rolling through and there was a concert there. It’s understandable that the pitch wouldn’t be in good shape.

The bit I don’t get is that the PFA kicked up, quite rightfully, a big stink about the quality of the surface that resulted in it being re-layed. I just can’t comprehend how that one strip was deemed safe/not in need of re-turfing yet the entirety of the rest of the pitch did.

And we thought our defence was bad…Aldred says hold my beer

I almost never have issues with Paramount. I wonder if your device or internet is the issue. Also what’s with that cow paddock?! It’s appalling and looks dangerous.

I reckon he was hoping that the keeper would come, but the keeper had lead in his boots and Aldred wasn’t wise enough to just pin his ears back and get rid.

I missed the Thursday night game but I would’ve predicted a 2-2 draw. Mariners really starting to build a head of steam.

My other predictions:

Adelaide 3-1 Newcastle
Wellington 1-1 WSW
Melb City 1-2 Excrement
Perth 2-1 Macarthur

I love a good dummy and that leave by Nisbet for Torres…


Interpreter for Branners please

Under a thousand tickets left for the Melbourne Derby apparently.

Yeah we got ours two days ago and it was starting to look thin, didn’t know whether they hadn’t released them all yet

So many games on today.
This truly is the greatest holiday.



A player should really get a yellow card if they celebrate such an obvious handball for the “goal”.

Sanity prevailed there.
Not sure why the VAR asked the referee to review that one.