Asian Cup: Australia vs India 13 January

Someone needed a specific match spread for Aus games

Screen showing the BBL. Everyone crammed into Watsons.

The commentator just confused Behich for Duke. Quality stuff!

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Blimey the Indian fans are up for it.

Surprised they gave the slave work force the day off


I’d assumed all south Asians only supported Argentina or Brazil

Jones looks lost so far.

Is that Tuxedo Mask in goals for us?

India giving this a decent crack. We need to get our shit together.

Poor finishing there. I thought when that landed with Goodwin it was a guaranteed goal.

Struggling to break down India.

should have buried that.

Goodwin’s set pieces have been honking so far. They’ll be more threatening if he even floats the balls into the penalty area. We surely have a height and strength advantage.

To be fair, aside from a couple of breaks, India are just parking the bus.

Which we struggled to break down last week v Bahrain.

What is it with Paramount… no pause/rewind available for the Asian Cup matches?

Fuck me what is going on with these corners and crosses? Really poor from both Goodwin & Boyle so far.

Have we always had these unbelievably slow mo high def close ups on fouls?

Shock horror, we are finally looking threatening from high balls now we’re not just trying to fizz every cross in, and subsequently not clearing the first man.

The English commentators are doing my head in with the embellishments of India so far.

They’ve parked the entire fleet of Dubai’s bus network in front of goal. Sure, were struggling to break them down, but they’re not exactly playing like Barcelona…

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Bearded torpedo that fella.

India have been brave so far, but the real test is going to be the second half. Australia’s fitness is their greatest weapon in this competition, and India will do extremely well to keep this up for another 45 minutes.