Asian Cup R16: Australia vs Indonesia 28 January

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Bruno is the big change there

Give him a brace

Bruno is a dickhead but he could score 5 here.

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Good to see we’re starting McGree again, as well.

Really this is a game we should be winning easily, but we said the same thing about India and they held out for a while.

El australiano, Bruno

Jones again? Not sure that’s warranted.

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That Indo anthem goes for a while

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Just tuned in.

Bruno up front. I’m OK with this. Hopefully he scores a hatful.

Huh, a bit of a where are they now moment.

The Indonesian manager - Shin Tae Yong, actually played for Queensland Roar back in 2005. A singular game only, but an actually interesting bit of trivia there from the commentators.


That was a decent chance from Indonesia. Very close.

Wake up lads

As a half Indo this game will bring me joy regardless of the result. Team Garuda looking up for it early.

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Harper’s mic is a bit dodgy

Crazy number of Indonesian fans there. That group on half way even has some ‘ultras’ flags rather than just national flags. I guess this would be one of the biggest games in their history right?

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Nah, his mic’s fine.

That’s just Harper.


Indonesia has some seriously unerrated ‘ultra’ culture. Like they’re actually fucking mental. Read a few articles where they make your Eastern European/South American ultra’s look somewhat tame.



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You love to see it. Early goal when we’re the favourites always settles us.


That’s an own goal for sure. I’ll take it.