Aus Cup R32 - Sydney FC vs CCM - 13/8/23

Domestic football seems like such a meaningless imposition right now but here we are.

This might just be lining up for one of our youngest ever squads.

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Genuinely wanted to go to this, but managed to get tickets to the England game on saturday night so will now have to give it a miss.

Assume it will be on 10bold or Paramount+?

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Keen for this.

Havent been able to get to any WC games, so this will be my first match since the MC SF.

Keen. Have a lovely day in the Gong booked. Nice brunch at Woonona, then a stroll along the beach before culminating in watch us bow out of the cup at the first hurdle at the most picturesque stadium in Australia.


Sydney should romp this in. Mariners have only started preseason and the team will be full of NPL players, especially the backline. Kaltak only just arrived back from home a couple of days ago.


Nice try - we’re not falling for that!


Yeah at least while the Matildas are going strong my care factor for domestic football is very low right now.
Should they lose I’ll still be interested in the WC, but will at least be able to divert some interest Sydney’s way

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Maybe not the best thread for this, but anybody know when the league will be scheduled? Might be sneaking in a cheeky trip home for December. Would love to get to a game, especially a derby.

Should be out soon. It went to the clubs for feedback this week.

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In other news, mak is back.

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With a brand new trak?

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An 8am kick off for myself means that I can finally beat the Danish and Swedish to grabbing a pool chair :partying_face:

Who’ll partner Gurd if Rodwell is out?

Extra time and pens if tied after 90, correct?
Not expecting the same emotional rollercoaster as last night, but magic ™ can happen…

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So is Rodwell out?

Can’t help but feel this will be a scrappy affair.

You know it’s the Mak militant

Comin’ to get it oooooooon …

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Wow completely forgot this was happening today in amongst last night’s drama.

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Just parked in the Maccas down the road. I should be right to park there for the game yiu reckon? Says one hour parking but how strictly is that going to be enforced outside Dragons games?

Lovely drive down Appin Road. Bit of weather as we came down Mt Ousley, but a perfect day for football if you ask me. A little chilly, a bit blustery, not too hot.


I always forgrt just how many junkies are in Wollongong. It’s gotta be the meth capital of NSW.
As I walked onto Maccas saw a rather upstanding individual screaming bloody murder as his soft serve that he had dropped on the ground. Luckily for him, he had a second soft serve in his other hand. Unfortunately for him, he chose to throw his second soft serve at the first, yelling he was going to kill it.

Ahhh Wollongong. You truly are spectacular.