Australia Cup 2022 thread

My club, Ourimbah FC has drawn Sydney CBD at home in the first round.

Any you boys involved in that club.

Sydney CBD?

I’m planning on going to watch the Moore Creek Mountain Goats vs South’s United in the cup tomorrow.

My son is a goat.

Go goats!

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Play in the Eastern Suburbs Association. Apparently their home ground is at The Domain

Here is the draw for NSW by the way Football NSW conduct draws for Preliminary Rounds two and three of 2022 Australia Cup - Football NSW

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So they’d all be Macquarie Street public servants, legal types and stockbrokers.

Cunts in other words.

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Thanks for that! Sadly, doesn’t look like there will be any home games for my most local team, Springwood United. I would’ve been keen to attend a home game.

Fuck Springwood, blue mountains forever

Fuck both of you.

Wentworth Falls or die.

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Blaxland FC ftw!


Just no

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A few Central West teams in there which is great to see, particularly after WNSW had to withdraw from seniors competition due to a lack of players this year.

If Banksia could belt the absolute snot out of the cunts from Panorama FC, that’d be great.

Does Loko Cove have a mens Premier League team anymore?

The mighty Woodies!

Wenty had the second shittest ground to play on behind Pitt Town back in the day.

Its funny cause its Pitt Park!

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Wednesday night beers and action at Pluim Park. Ourimbah v Sydney CBD.

The mountain goats were defeated 1 nil by a team from Port Macquarie.

Cup dream is over for Ourimbah. 4-0 Sydney CBD.

Eastern Suburbs league is a strong standard

Could this be us? Unlikely we’ll finish below Newcastle but this season has turned into somewhat of a shitshow…