Australia Cup 2024 - 10 Year Anniversary Edition

There’s a really annoying 70km/h zone.

St George FC (Budapest) are the first NSW NPL club to be knocked out of the Cup for 2024, losing 2-1 to Dunbar Rovers.

Not that they’re NPL1 anymore, but Mt Druitt Town Rangers were also knocked out by Coniston earlier in the week.

How they were ever in NPL1 I’ll never know…

Spent up very big the year they went up.



I quite like this. The games last year from memory were actually decent quality and drew decent crowds.

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Did chuckle at Dr Rugari’s joke about it.

I’m a football nuffy and couldn’t be bothered going last year

Darwin is a great place!

Next Tuesday 4th June is going to be huge.


Might take the tram a few stops to go see that Italian game.

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Played on authentic Italian soil.

In the (not quite) heart of Little Italy in Sydney.

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For those feeling the off-season super hard…
All live on Youtube, probably no live pause or rewind but.

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The Italian derby should be a fun one.

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So apparently Phoenix FC are an Eastern Suburbs Irish-expats team, and not the B team of Wellington.

Magical if they knock off Rockdale.

No joy for Inter Lions hoping to reach their second successive Cup. They were knocked out by Blacktown City.

Good, fuck Inter Lions. Wankers.


Spirit FC knocking out the fascists would bring me much joy, NGL.

If I didn’t already have a week filled with live sport-spectating, I’d hop on the L1 to watch the Italian-off at Lambert.

You can always get an update from the game on YouTube, as they’re doing a live stream there.

The camera work at Apia is err not broadcast quality

The score is saying nil all but old mate keeps saying Apia are up by 1?