Australia Cup 2024 - 10 Year Anniversary Edition

If they’re still slinging $5.00 Peronis in the clubhouse, that’s probably why.


Nightmare miss there from APIA

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APIA 2 Marconi 1. Great game, great night ( got home late), some great performances on both sides. Off to the Round of 32 we go, again. :heart_eyes: No highlights yet but full replay is up on the FootballNSW.

Spirit beat Sydney Utd 2-1 to progress into the round of 32


Plucky Rockdale came from behind to edge past Phoenix

Salut. :tumbler_glass:

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Edge past. By 8 goals.


Against the run of play

That. Is. Brilliant.


Good luck in NST, Ustase c**ts.

Anyway, that Nepalese team is something, huh? A non-European “ethnic” club. A yes from me.

I like how it gives a bit more incentive not to end up in the bottom 4 at the end of the season.

I’ll tip my hat to them. Both games for $30 is good value.

Unlike the price of accommodation in DRW. … Holy sheet…

It’s tourist season.

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Round of 32 draw Wednesday night

Hoping we get Lambton Jaffas.

Interesting to see they draw all the remaining rounds out to the final now so you can get an idea of who you’ll likely play in each subsequent round.

I don’t see that…
In previous years, they certainly drew the next round after the end of the last game of the earlier round…