Australia win hosting rights to Womens Asian Cup 2026


No games in Vic or Adelaide. A bit sad. The Victorian government and the AFL can go fuck themselves no doubt, but sucks for the people who would love to go to the games.

Excellent. Hopefully it catches the public’s attention like the World Cup did

Forza the ironic North Korean ultras.


Can’t say I’m too sympathetic towards Victoria


My heart says FU Victoria but my head says if we want to grow the game in that state (at the expense of AFL) we need to give them some participation in these major tournaments.

If the people in those states want these tourneys they need to sort out their governments


Nothing to do with “we”.

They didn’t want to participate, because they are cunts of the highest order: Victoria defends call not to bid to host Matildas matches for 2026 Women's Asian Cup - ABC News

Even after they branded themselves “the home of the Matildas”. Cockwombles, the lot of them.


With Victoria, its not a governmental issue, it’s a cultural issue. These cockwambles (as @daveee so eloquently put it) are indoctrinated and brainwashed from within the womb to believe that AFL is the pinnacle of all things life. There’s probably an argument to be made that the AFL is a cult.

The only way to change their culture around AFL is to prove that AFL support and paedophilia are inherently linked or something.

Hasn’t had a massive impact on the catholic church


I have no sympathy whatsoever for Victoria missing out. They put all their eggs in the local AFL basket instead of a thriving international sport that would bring themselves a lot of tourism dollars and international exposure. They get what they deserve.

And if the people of Victoria really want to see international football in their state, they need to make sure the state government, whoever is in charge, are keenly aware of it, and vote them out if they don’t do it. What is more likely to happen, though, is that they’ll act out to be the professional victims they are, always have been and always will be.


I know what people are saying, but I REALLY hope that votes aren’t decided on whether they’re playing AFL or football in the state… I daresay there’s probably a lot more important policies that should be a deciding factor. Probably worth mentioning that AFL would bring in several crapload more money for the Vic Gov than football would and probably could…

Even Victorian fans of association football sing Melbourne Victory songs at internationals whenever they do happen to host one, so…

Being measured about it, of course you are right. But we’ve seen especially in recent times, that unimportant things, or even disinformation, can drive plenty of voters. If someone feels about something strongly enough, they will vote differently. I’m not saying its the right thing to do, but if they love football enough to be dismayed at the current situation, then there’s every possibility they will.

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What needs to be done, is the FA getting involved on the high end of parliament and questioning why the highest played sport in the country, plus the sport with some of the best viewing metrics (especially internationally) is given such a small slice of the pie.

Thats been an issue for the past 19 years of the A-League.

It’s probably been an issue since the 90s.

You don’t need to explain AFL to me.

This will never happen because the ALP has been captured by the sports gambling industry since shortly after it was founded. Read “Power Without Glory” and then look up the real figures it was based on.

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It’ll never happen, as the ALP have abandoned every principle they previously stood for in an attempt to remain in power.

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But frfr I wish I lived somewhere where the people love a sport as much as Victorians love AFL.