Australian clubs in the ACL - 2019


When was the last time (if ever) a third place team made it to the big show


What an absolute shit show. Roy & Georgievski in particular have been dire. The amount of forced passes that weren’t on as well… Persija have had no structure and they should’ve been able to pick them off with just a little bit of patience.

I honestly think we’d have put 6 or 7 past that rabble.


And about 8 past Jakarta.


That should do it. The Indonesians have run out of legs.


I gotta get me some of that …er… Newcastle


Really glad that the #3 has gone through to the ACL. I can’t think of when that has happened in recent years. Great to see that the numbers stayed on the Palace strip as well.


Haven’t gone through yet. Now play I think a JLeague side


Ah, thanks. I thought it was a single qualifier.


The first court date would have been to ascertain if there are any facts and to set a date. Doesn’t mean anything if he’s guilty or not, but please do go on and dazzle us with your legal knowledge


Playing Kashima Antlers on Tuesday. Good luck…


I’d be more worried about your comprehension skills than my legal knowledge, because that’s exactly my point. The court process will run its course, and to the best of my knowledge no one is prematurely declaring that this guy’s guilty. Once again this is just Bozza complaining about a problem that doesn’t exist.


But FoxSports love it because they can then publish a clickbait article based on something that he rambled on about because he’s sure to divide opinion.


Victory have announced their ACL squad, leaving out Georg Niedermeier. Hes been injured a lot this season


Kashima 1 up, after 22 minutes.


Newcastle equalise. Jammy deflection and all…Vargas the scorer


Really hope the Jets make it but have very little hope. Good to see theyre level


Going to be pretty annoying when we finish third and Jets not making it cost us a playoff (that wed have lost anyway because every aussie team does)


Don’t the holders qualify??:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Funnily enough - Newy are playing the holders!


That backheel for one of the Kashima goals though… chef’s kiss