Australian clubs in the ACL - 2019


The right channel of Newcastle’s defence is having a day.


Grab the Asia. :+1:

Never thought I’d say this about any team, but Newcastle really missing Jason Hoffman down their right side.


Finally the whole of Asia get a taste of Boogaard.


It’s a joy watching Kashima swarm and win the ball back whenever they bloody well feel like it. Pretty sure we taught them that last year.


Amazed Kantarovski wasn’t hooked at 2-1 really, he was putrid.


He was their Zac Anderson


MV play Daegu tonight. Could go either way that one.


I think I read something that the Aussie teams combined need an average of 5 points more than the Thai teams or for both to make the knockout phases and the Thai teams to not otherwise its likely to be 1 automatic 2 playoff spots next season


I know it’s not really relevant, but what is aleague clubs record against Thai teams?


I dont think weve played them much. It always seems to be one Japanese/Korean/Chinese team and then one Aussie/Thai/other South East Asian in a group


So Toivonen in line to play tonight:

This line stood out for me:

The 2019 edition of the AFC Champions League will be Daegu’s first foray into the competition, having qualified via a cup run

Just like their opposition then.


Tards playing in a clean strip sure to their sponsor having ties to an offshore gambling shop which they didn’t do due diligence on


I assume they didn’t have a clean keeper kit as Thomas is sporting green tape over his sponsor name.


Better than that: green tape over Thomas’ sponsor.


I’d love to get high an mighty here, but while their due diligence was poor (it was SokkahTwitter doing the sleuthing) as we have a casino as our major sponsor, I’ll keep quiet.


Not for the ACL, for the ACL our front of shirt sponsor is an offshore merchant bank… much more respectable.


Man this is a boring game… Victory playing safe football and not really going for any 50/50 passes between the lines zzzzZzZZz


And it comes to life just like that…


You spoke way to early, almost as if you want them to succeed?


That’s better