Australian clubs in the ACL - 2019

Jets play their qualifier tomorrow against Persija Jakarta. I thought I’d make a thread for discussion of their campaign and also Melbourne’s campaign when that rolls around.

I love how one of the aussie teams in the ACL is always doing terribly by the time it comes around.
just one of the things I get a giggle out of

My favourite round of the Australian football calendar. Will the stream work? Will the referee make up any new rules? Will someone get completely humiliated but get away with it because no one’s watching anyway? Will Brenton Speed get a single pronunciation right? Will the Lionel Messi of (insert nation here) make a late appearance off the bench to run down the clock? Will Craig Foster demand any resignations? Will the players’ numbers stay on?



This competition is always bonkers. What a dick.

and its only early in the day, so much more time for craziness

he’s actually been taken to court haha

He reportedly has surrendered his passport and has to stay in Australia for another two months till his next court appearance. I doubt his club will be pleased.

It doesn’t happen often, but when entitled pricks like this bloke get what they deserve it really is gratifying.

I kinda want to see that on the squad list.

Unavailable: 9. Marko SIMIC (indecent assault trial - between 2 months and 20 years).


Wow, Bozza is managing to make me hate him even more.

“In our society, it’s important to remember, man or woman, it’s innocent until proven guilty.”

Yes you knobhead, that’s why he’s returning to court in a couple of months.

So if newy win. They have to beat kashima to qualify lol

Anyway hope they cop 5

That would definitely be the best result from a comedy standpoint. The problem would be a week of articles bemoaning how far behind Asia we are.

Really need Jets to make it and all the teams to do well. Our coefficients are falling drastically which means we could lose the plus one or a permanent spot

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Hooray for bringing back the stripes, but lol at that “sponsor”… if you haven’t got one just leave it blank.

Wait what the fuck, this started at 7?

Yep, I missed the first half hour too, assumed it would be 8pm.

Simic is playing, fair play to the Jets fans booing any time he’s near the ball.

Nice break that.

Oh man. This has extra time then pens yeah?

Yes, 15 minutes of shithousery coming up