Australian clubs in the ACL - 2019


Glad that happened, never like to see those Victory fans cocky after any match. Give them a sense of hope and take it way.


MVFC need to man-mark their number 9. He seems to be their first point of contact in transition.


Obviously investment is just another form of gambling. Just less entertaining.


Such mixed feelings about this game. I want them to lose, obviously, but winning would be in the medium term benefit of the league.


And also, occasionally, less ethical and legal.


It was a cracking strike, too. Has been a pretty good game to watch so far, at least after the first goal went in. Definitely more goals in this.


Now THAT’S a deflection.


Looking at Daegu’s 5-2-3 formation when defending, this might be something we should consider in one of our ACL matches


Yes, Daegu have been lucky but they have made their own luck. They break with purpose and are not afraid to shoot. Cesinha’s run that lead to the goal tore Victory apart and was magnificent!


How do you miss that?!


Or in the A-League against teams like Vuck who are good in attack, irresponsible in defense.




Barbarouses is shit.


Look, it’s from the Nux commentators. It’s kosher.


DM’s that don’t track runners have no place being paid professionals. Love it when it’s them but. :+1:


Got to support the Aussie teams


That was some save. Enjoying watching the sky blue mugging these cunts in their own backyard.


That save was top drawer.




Zero interest in seeing Melbourne Victory do anything in the ACL. I do not care what it does to A-League participation in future years. 6 games, 6 losses is enough for me for Melbourne.