Australian Football Abroad Thread

Funny, that …

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Liam Chipperfield is doing well for Sion this season. 17 games (most of them seem to be subs appearances) with 4 goals and 3 assists from midfield. I wouldn’t mind Arnie having a look at him sometime this year, now Liam has Aussie citizenship.

Is he even interested in playing for Australia? He’s been in the Swiss youth squad since he was under 15s

I guess we will find out but I’ve seen a couple of articles of his father hinting that he could yet play for the Socceroos. Maybe it can be translated as a “what can you offer us” kind of thing, but they probably wouldn’t say that if Liam wasn’t at least considering it. I don’t think he played youth internationals for Switzerland last year, either.

A bit of an oops moment from me. Sion are actually playing in the Swiss second tier, though they are top of the table.

Wasn’t Chipperfield recently online crying about how long it was taking to get a passport so he could play junior national team stuff?

McGree assisted Silvera in Boros 2-1 win over Leicester. glover had a good game too.


Nailed on to come back to Australia next season.

He got injured didnt he?

Has been a tough break for him.

CFG reach for the cheque book

Can see Corica/St Terry making a play for him. They’ve signed a 29yo kiwi LB who’s played in the US but is now banging about in the NZ league.

I think it’s best for him to come home (A League) at this stage of his career and rebuild.

Yeah its a shame things havent worked out for Gersbach as he seemed to talented coming through with us. He definitely needs some regular game time as he only ever really got that at Grenoble. Next move should definitely be back to the ALM

He just never took that step at Rosenborg that we thought he might. His first season was fairly good but second season he seemed to regress there and has never recovered from it.

Peupion started for Brighton in their cup loss to the Wolves. Looks like wide midfield role.

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Hof MOTM in Hearts 2-0 win over Celtic


He seems to be really settling in well at Hearts now. He can’t be too far from a Socceroos call-up now.

Not with his injury history. The guy is made of glass apparently…

He had an injury history with us, and has no injury history with anyone else. Take from that what you will.

royal fucking commission


Hope Boyle is okay. Doenst look good and he hasnt been lucky wiht injuries recently

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