Australian Football Abroad Thread

Jeez, hope he’s ok

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Headline made me think he was in a car crash.


Yengi with a double. Surely contender for the Socceroos…

His brother’s goal against Celtic was pretty handy as well

Honestly, if he manages to finally get us out of League 1, he should get a permanent spot with the Socceroos…

This is the year.

Seems as though Garang Kuol’s move to the Eredivise has been an unmitigated disaster. Bottom of the table, mass exodus of about a dozen of the coaching staff, and now pretty much frozen out of the squad.

Hopefully his salary eases the angst.

Welcome to Europe. Thousands of players could replace you in a heartbeat.

Gersbach to Swedish side Kalmar FF

Good stuff.

I’m glad he’s enjoying playing overseas, and it looked for a short while that his career had revived in France. It then stagnated again when he went to the MLS, but I think he got injured, so it’s somewhat understandable.

He’s turning into a bit of a journeyman, but if he’s happy playing football wherever a contract is offered, all the more to him!


This’ll be the 7th country hes lived in (Australia, Norway, Denmark, France, Netherlands, USA, Sweden) and 8th city (Sydney, Trondheim, Lens, Breda, Aarhus, Grenoble, Denver, Kalmar). Definitely would have had some great life experiences in that. And he’s still only 26.

From a purely football perspective do hope he can settle in Sweden and get regular game time there.

To be fair, which male twenty-something, with a job that can take him global, wouldn’t want to stay in Scandinavia?

I’m just impressed that Nick Kalmar has a club named after him. Not bad for an, at best, A League squaddie level player.


McGree out for the season following his injury on international duty. Aidan O’Neill is also out for the season

Yengi scores the opener in a 3-2 win that sees Portsmouth secure promotion to the Championship.

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Play Up Pompey! Pompey Play Up!

We’d have probably secured promotion at Bolton on the weekend if Yengi had started…


Always good to see a traditional club climbing back up the leagues. Congratulations

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12 years since we’ve been in The Championship…


Good stuff happy for Yengi. Hes managed to be their third highest scorer with 8 despite not starting very often. Hope he can see some reasonable minutes in the Championship. Would be great to have an Aussie forward getting minutes at a good level