Australian Football Abroad Thread

Another goal for Yengi in Portsmouth’s 2-1 loss to Wigan on the weekend.

I would love for us to keep him around for next season.

Luongo and Burgess are promoted with Ipswich. Hopefully they get some decent EPL minutes


Luongo really is the silent achiever of Australian football. Arnie really needs to talk him back into playing for the Roos

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Yeah after that 2015 Asian Cup I thought hed be in the prem pretty soon. Glad to see him grift away and get there now. That said hes spoken about how being in 2 world cup squads to get 0 minutes took a big toll mentally. Chuck in his big injury record too and I can see how hed be a bit hesitant to unretire and especially miss out on the prem.

Scenes at the Millerntor with a massive pitch invasion as St Pauli win 3-1 and will be in the Bundesliga next season. Full 90 minutes from both Aussies.


Spurs getting crushed 4-0 after only 74 minutes by Man United in the Womens FA Cup final. Charlie Grant did get subbed on thought in the 68th minute

Its great stuff. Scenes were amazing. Currently we’ll have the following on books of top flight top leagues for next season

EPL: Luongo, Burgess, Souttar (but he’ll move)
Seria A: Circati, Volpato (if he still counts)
Bundesliga: Irvine, Metcalfe

Volpato is at US Sassuolo Calcio isn’t he? I thought they were being relegated.

In saying that, he’s not looking amazing at the moment. He’s been used as a sub and brought on in the last 10-15 minutes of games, if that. He’s played one full game in the Italy Cup and that’s it. Doesn’t even look like he’s in international contention for the junior teams, let alone having a chance at a senior team. Going by the stats, you’d be hard pressed to bring him into the Australian National team at this stage.

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Are we watching the same Volpato? He had a great game against Genoa at the weekend, even the commentator was praising him! :laughing:

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Im just looking at the stats to be honest. He hasn’t really been used much this year has he? Plus am I right in thinking Sassuolo has been relegated? Or has he moved teams?

Edit: Wait my bad! For some stupid reason I thought the season was over!

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Yes he has been used off the bench but he’s got energy and skill to be utilised so, plus he’s young and other guys at Sassuolo are solid players in attack. Serie A has been tough season this year. Como should look at grabbing him, if he’s available, as Como just got a historic promotion and Jamie Vardy was spotted at the stadium at the weekend, would be a good opportunity to play along his side.

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As an aleague export going to chuck this here

His successor is chasing an unprecedented treble, including an Asian trophy, and he’s been given the arse within a season…

Sliding doors

I totally missed the fact that he was there…

Yeah a real shame it didnt work out for Monty.

To add to what you said, its also with the team Monty recruited for the season. If I’m not mistaken Edmonson is Jackson’s only signing

Unfortunately, he’d probably be a great pickup for the Stigma.