Australian Women’s National Team Thread - Our best chance at a World Cup


really confused with this one. Wasn’t it the board that made the decision to sack Stajcic? From what I can understand, there are flaws in the procedure used to sack Stajcic, the whole issue could have been prevented and the whole survey used as the main reason to sack him is flawed?


Yes they sacked him but Boards are reliant on receiving timely information so that they can make decisions after deliberation. It sounds like they believe people knew about things much earlier and sat on the information. This then forced the Board to make a snap decision and, in turn, not have a media strategy sorted out.


Gallop is the one who recommended to the board that Stajcic be terminated and provided them with the supporting info.

Maybe it was their next scheduled meeting but it still shouldn’t take nearly a month and a ferocious media shitstorm to turn around and ask who knew what, when they knew it, and what they did to either address it or let it fester.

Bin all 3 of them imo.


Fox Sports:

" While Highwood and Casserly are set to come under immediate scrutiny, a source close to the board suggested to the Herald that “the jury is still out” on Gallop’s future with the FFA and believes a change in leadership could coincide with the independence of the A-League."


But the problem is that there has been no evidence, once they have had time to work through things, that this snap decision was correct - as they continue to insist - and that they could not have gone through a more normal remediation process.

Even taking aside the failures in the process, the decision they are doubling down on seems to have been made on so poor evidence that the board’s continuing endorsement of the decision has to be seen as a failure on their part too. And if it wasn’t, then they have had enough time to adopt a corrective media strategy. It says a lot that there has been nothing from FFA which has been remotely as convincing as half of the fanciful conspiracy theories out there.

The evidence they seem to be relying on is so manipulable - a pissed of squad outcast (and their infamous “family” per Heather Reid’s comments) can make some unhappy comments, and get a couple of friends and family to log in and make those too in the open URL surveys, and voila! Toxic culture!

As it is, the lynch mob is entirely entitled to go for the jugular on the lot of them.

(and I realize I’m preaching to the converted/making obvious points. I’m just really pissed off at how shit they are making this, and also how this set back legitimate women’s causes)


My thing is though, is that surely the board did their due diligence before accepting the recommendations by Gallop? I mean, I understand they’ve just started and may not have the full understanding of the situation, but surely that’s more reason to step back and consider all possible options. Surely the worst possible start to the tenure of a new and “fresh” FFA, would be to fire arguably Australian footballs’ most succesfull national coach.

All this crap about reviewing the decision process, the survey etc should have been done prior to terminating Stajcic’s contract, they’ve screwed up the process, lost credibility, taken away from the women’s game and opened the organization up to possible legal action. You couldn’t have dreamed a worse start to the new FFA


Agree with that Paulska. Their only reason for being trigger happy first and reviewing the process later was timing.

They said at the time they believed they had to act immediately to get a new coach in for the warm up games and to allow sufficient WC prep. If they’d taken a month to fully investigate and THEN decided to sack him then that’s the only thing that would be even more disruptive to the players.

The absolute dumbest thing is bringing up the surveys and culture as reasoning when no specifics can be provided due to confidentiality. They’ve officially terminated him without cause and are paying him out, which contractually they are allowed to do, so just run with any standard change of direction nonsense. Raising that stuff has only positioned the FFA in a perfect spread-eagle for subsequent legal action.


I love how everyone else is responsible.


I’ve done case studies at Uni for Industrial Relations involving an NSL club and their Chairman’s behaviour in regards to player firings and withholding pay and bonuses.

I find it an interesting coincidence that that person is now on the FFA board.


If Heather Reid did not know way more about all this than Gallop then Matty Simon wont get a yellow on Sunday for a late & dangerous tackle. Just look at Gallops presser … did he look convinced ? Yet we are expected to believe he convinced the board while having prior knowledge of the issues …please…gallop is the scapegoat here


The board were unanimous in their decision. Gallop is as much a conspirator as he is a scapegoat and should swing for his part as much as the others.


But is Gallop on the board? I can’t see that he is, so that unanimous thing does not include him. The board is his boss , so he needs to careful if swimming against the boardroom tide . As far as i could see, he was the mug to deliver a decision he did not / could not have owned . Happy to hear why he owns it too tho


The advice the Board acted on would have come from the FFA administration which, as CEO, he heads up.


Yes, well that’s the great unknown. While Emma highfield technically reports to gallop for example, it would not be unreasonable to imagine him being by passed with information flowing directly to Reid(for example). It makes no sense to me that gallop had the motivation to pull a stunt like this


Ante Milicic set to become Matildas coach. Seems a very weird move. Has no experience coaching women. If youre going a caretaker for the world cup give it to one of the successful W-League coaches



the FFA have clearly stuffed this up completely. the players (the good ones) must be losing their shit


Speaking of the players, the other day I went back and checked some social media stuff. Gorry (named in the initial tweet from that omnipotent account that predicted it all) and her bestie Heyman (who mainly through injuries wasn’t getting much of a look in of late) were 2 of very few who did not publicly share their gratitude to Staj.

Recommence the baseless speculation.


Will take that as an invitation …certainly consistent with the “mafia that dare not speak its name conspiracy theory”
Which if it is , will be spitting chips at how’s it’s all panned out . Now they get an untried bloke with zero experience in the womens game instead . Good work.


Yeah, that would be really odd. I mean, he’s a good #2 and been around various NT setups and stuff, but if Staj was arsed due to cultural stuff how do you turn around and appoint someone else with fuck all experience of it?

Surely they could’ve turned to any number of the W-League coaches, who will all be twiddling their thumbs between now and October, if they were going the now standard “tournament only” short term appointment.


Every since W-League coach past and present is more deserving of the gig