Australian Women’s National Team Thread - Our best chance at a World Cup


Too much white but otherwise happy with it.


Was about to say the same thing. They might have to cover it up with some duct tape!


<Insert marketing blurb about paying homage to Australian football’s administrative incompetence>


I think it looks good, love the second strip too.


Pretty disappointing not seeing a big CALTEX across the front!


I think you’ve you’ve forgotten the kit might be quite thin/see-through so sports bras would be seen…


I’m going to buy one of these kits.

Wear it to the realo.

And buy a house for under a hunjie. #90sasfuck


Big game today vs USA. Hopefully our Liz Ralston can make her Matildas debut.

Thoughts? Maybe De Vanna lucky to start. I think her ability to make stuff happens means that Ante is keen to give her every opportunity to make her case to go to France. Gielnik and Raso probably had good cases to start on recent form.


Good crowd in attendance.


ex-Sydney player Emily Sonnett lining up for US.


This looks like its going to be a cracking game. Sometimes men’s football international friendlies can be a bit mundane, but women’s football international matches are usually anything but.


Taken the sting out of them a bit after being under the pump for the opening minutes.


What a strike.


Poor work from Polkinghorne there.


Polkinghorne got done like a dinner there. Alex Morgan is brilliant, though. Heck of a way to bring up her 100th international goal.

Kerr missed a decent chance straight away with probably our first decent possession in the final third. This is an entertaining game, but concerning to see how open we are in transition.


De Vanna! She’s had so much space on the left all game.


So the USA have another 4 friendlies organised before the World Cup, however Wikipedia has this as our last game.

Have we got anything else organised before June?


Bosh! Great hit! That’s what she’s there for!
Interesting having Foord as what looks like a #10. It’s not what I would have as her ideal role but she’s done OK, more as a running at the defense kind of #10.


holy crap, turned it on just in time to see the goal


Strange positioning by their right-back but it was great to see De Vanna nail that big chance, as I’ve been quite worried about how she will go at the World Cup in June. I didn’t think she was that great in the last W-League season for us.