Bolting from the Blue- The Central Coast Mariners Thread

Is the local council still 500 million dollars in debt?

Looks like they’ve paid off half and it’s continuing to reduce

The little council that could.

Council has not had councillors in years as well. Despite what some may tell you, these years under administrators, have been some of the best run years. No councillors, no politics. Funny that.


The pot holes in the Central Coast region are still the best in the country.

Imagine how much Bratten would whinge about the pot holes if he lived here!

I was up at Woy Woy/Umina last Friday.

Surprised there aren’t any Army Bushmaster APCs being sold up there. Probably on of the few things that can successfully traverse the roads up there.

Your fault for going to Woy Woy and Umina. Council workers won’t fix anything there for fear of getting their equipment robbed.

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This rain has just re-opened up a patched pothole at my nearest crossroad. The other 20 odd patches have held.