Breakaway European Super League

After threatening this for years, it seems to finally be happening:

An absolute disgrace

I stopped caring about European football a few years back (it’s simply too plastic and commercial and lacks the soul the aleague has) but this is just another step further.

It’s addressing the issues of revenue flows when teams miss champions league or don’t go past the groups by giving them a guaranteed right.

And despite the outrage people will fall in line as the allure of seeing the big players go head to head each week is too big to say no to. It has always been part of the draw of following a club you have no real attachment too on the other side of the planet.


Would FIFA crack down on this and ban players from playing in international games or make other harsh punishments?

Or do FIFA crackdowns only happen to football associations in poor “unimportant” countries?

Get the feeling this is still all a massive power play to stop them increasing the teams in the champions league and trying to get more money out of the tv rights.

I can kind of see both sides points, the big 6 in England, big 3 in Spain and big 3 in Italy are the reason they get the tv money that they do, but teams lower teams who don’t bring in the same advertising money/fans get the same share of the money. I’d be pretty pissed off as an owner seeing someone get the same amount of revenue from the league as me when they don’t really add anything to help it.

If this goes ahead it essentially becomes the premier league version of the champions league and then in 5-10 years it’ll be normal.

Still be interesting to see what FIFA/UEFA does, honestly, it really is a turd sandwich vs giant douche scenario, clubs are being douches but FIFA/UEFA are pretty big pieces of shit in the grand scheme of things as well

So far, there’s been suggestions that, if they go through with it, then clubs will no longer be able to play in domestic competitions and players may not be able to represent their own clubs.

FA has officially said they won’t sanction the move, as well as most fan groups being against the move. I can see the competition getting pretty stagnant though. They want 15 teams guaranteed to play each year, with an extra 5 being invited. The stupidity of it, is that, should some of the teams start to fall in strength, they’ll still be guaranteed to play.

I guess UEFA will just turn around to the FA’s of each country involved and remove their current CL and Europa league spots. Which will turn into a shit tonne of legal battles etc.

Juventus’ chairman, who was on the UEFA board, has resigned to join the Super League Group.

Money talks and I dont think all these threats of excluding players and teams will work. More likely its UEFA trying to get a slice of the pie.

At least as a Spurs fan I’ll get to see them play regularly against the big teams for a change haha

About as interested in this as the Qatar world cup. :yawning_face:


“A breakaway league would remake European soccer to benefit a few rich teams, but we will watch it anyway.”

Speak for yourself mate. It won’t get a single second of my time, ever. I’m definitely not alone in that regard either.


A-League fans: “We need promotion and relegation, the league is a Mickey Mouse competition without it, we need to be more like Europe”

The Super League Clubs: “Lets create a league where there is no relegation”


I bet the super league is salary capped top

if the A-League had 3bn Euro being thrown at it by JP Morgan then i’d be all for P&R…

FIFA has said that any player who participates won’t be allowed to play at the World Cup, I’d assume Euro cup as well

Phil Neville has said the clubs taking part should be docked points immediately. Leicester fans will be loving this

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PSG will be loving this… UEFA has threatened to kick Chelsea, Real Madrid and Man City out of this years’ league…

Default woo-hoo the two sweetest words in the English language


These greedy bas■■■■s have done this because they know they’ll get away with it. The vast majority of their fans will stick by them. And even if they don’t this is not about fans at the ground but about TV audiences and they know that they’ll get them from all over the world.

The only way to have a slight chance of stopping them is by the English, Italian and Spanish League’s saying ‘you join that comp and you are out of ours’. And any player playing for one of those clubs gets banned from representing their national team for life.

But that won’t happen because those clubs hold too much sway and have too much support. The league’s won’t risk the fans from those clubs turning their backs on the current league to follow their team. Especially those who are essentially TV audience fans around the world.

There’ll be a lot of people with a lot to say to begin with, but in the end the voices will be stilled and the greedy will continue on their greed-driven path.

Big Marc against it. Great post for a big man.


Let them go. Let them fail. And let them all get on their knees to go back to their national competitions, and subsequently accepted back, but only in the eighth-tier.

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Football Manager would be the real winner there.