Bring back the fridge magnets - Fixtures 22-23

Fixtures are being released today, probably worth having a spot to chat about them.

So we’re almost certainly going to have a home derby to start the season right? With Melbourne not long after?

I’ll guess newy first home game, derby second.

Is it too late to guess Victory first? :neutral_face:

It’s usually a GF rematch first up (which I think is a stupid idea TBH).

If I had my way I would have the first round not be a derby or rematch, I would leave that for round three or later when people are back in the swing of things a bit.

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Newy on 1 January mid afternoon is a tasty little away day. Could be hot as fuck though.

Saturday Christmas Eve will be a cracker as well. So to speak


1 match per week seems like a bold direction…


So MV gave us a spanking on our final match in exile, and will likely give us another on our first back home. Great.

ON a positive, it is a joy to no midweek fixtures other than a couple of holiday ones (Australia Day, Anzac Day eve)

Finally Welly away on a reasonable date. Being a Sunday is a little annoying but at least its not around Christmas.


I love festive games, but there are a lot of people for whom the big xmas meal/get together is the xmas eve, so that may not turn out great.

Time is still TBD for that one, so may be an early afternoon game for that exact reason.

Not so keen for a big blue up first but least theres a bit of time till the derby

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No Fridays and two Sundays.

Hilly likey.


The opener is good imo, enough hype that we could get 30k, and a tribute to the first game we played at Moore Park (so it’s nice for it to also be the same fixture to open the new stadium). It’s good we have a lead up to the first home derby too.


if I’m not mistaken it was also the first fixture at Kograh

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So it looks like we break a full week before the start of the World Cup, and then restart on the weekend of the quarter finals, a week before the final. Makes sense I think. Hopefully we can capitalise on some of the hype, particularly if the 'roos put up a decent showing.

Fuck I hate Sunday games.

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That club email, trying to entice us to the first game in the new Allianz by name dropping our rivals new marquee signing, Jesus wept.


Not a fan myself. But i can potentially get to them.