Brisbane Roar Thread


This will ruin the pitch forever:

Rugby league has turned their round nine into a blockbuster Brisbane blitz, with all eight games set to be played at Suncorp over the one Mother’s Day weekend.

How do FFA keep fucking up the finals booking?

How on earth is eight games on one field a good idea?

Hope it rains.


I guess the potential alternative home venue for the Roar is Robina in the Gold Coast. As much as people will pick on the FFA fucking up the finals booking, it could be a worse (potential) outcome. They won’t play it at Ballymore or any other Brisbane venue.

If anything its more likely to backfire on the NRL. If they really think tens of thousands of fans from every single club are going to converge on Brisbane on a weekend that involves family commitments, they’re fucking dreaming. They’re far better off just playing those games at the normal venues.

I suppose the Gabba is a potential home venue if required. QSAC would be a debacle and although Robina is kick ass it’s down the fucking coast!
I think the 8 games at Suncorp weekend will get pretty good crowds. It’s shiny, new and will get ridiculously promoted by the stakeholders.

I don’t think it will matter in any case as I can’t see Brisbane finishing higher than 5th

Yeah unfortunately I’m thinking the same which is why I haven’t been pissed off as much as others have been up about.
I see their point though. In some other markets, the FFA have negotiated dates and venue hire but have left Brisbane out which doesn’t really portray a “even playing field” in relation to who the FFA “favours”…

During Corica’s presser apparently Aloisi stepped down from the Roar

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Strange timing, given there’s a game in less than 48 hours and they last played on Saturday …

It’s got “lost the dressing room” all over it, maybe leaving Kristensen out this week brought things to a head.

Yeah the Kristensen thing definitely has to play into this; maybe Kristensen had it out with him in training or something and Aloisi realised that he just couldn’t go on.


I really hope we smash them on the weekend, I’m a bit worried something like this might actually fire them up.

Always does fire up a team. I’m a bit nervous about tomorrow now. Teams often win the first game immediately after a coach has been sacked.

Holy shit, this is hectic. RIP:


Haha what the fuck? Such a weird way to air their dirty laundry in public.

I wonder if @Finsta can shed any light?

Lol. So it’s just us and the Shed left from the beginning of the HAL?

Yeah, but only we’ve progressed.