Brosquinho thread

Happy to change the name of the thread of course, but this guy just needed one.

Brosque has a great piece in Players’ Voice today. Such a great bloke:

He had such a good game last night. His best in a while

That was his 200th A-League appearance for us, too. His 241st appearance in all comps.

It’s worth keeping in mind that Brosque has moved from possible retirement, to one more season as an impact substitute to a starter and playing for ninety minutes, without missing a beat. Shows a lot of mental strength and character that. His pace seems to be holding up as well.

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He’s such an intelligent player on and off the ball, really leads our press and still gets amongst the scorers

He’s done this about 4 seasons in a row now.

Brosque is Sydney’s finest, end of.

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I liked him even you guys all thought he sucked.

Some more good studies of Brosque in the wild from Zullo in his Insta today.

Definitely has the undisputed best beard in Australian football too

What a beast.

I admit to losing the faith a little, performance on Sat night was brilliant. Nearly got a sneaky goal as reward for the pressing too.

Deserves a mention for his huge run in support of Ninkovic in the cup final. Real shame nothing came of it.


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Getting ready for Chrissy!

Alex sent me an email invitimg me to the big match at the SCG. I also saw lots of pretty band posters advertising the match on telegraph poles on arterial roads in Sydney yesterday. Awesome! Going from Airport direction Wollongong.

The posters are colour and look quite good despite the ‘other’ crest.

Yeah the club did a great job of postering around the Jubilee games. Good to see them continue for other grounds.

All through West Ryde, considering we’ve only been there a year, definitely makes the area seem more like home


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Someones going to be cutting a lot of onions when Brosque plays his last game