Cheerleaders 2018

Problem is, that ticket costs the same as about 25 regular entries.

So you’re guaranteeing yourself one (critical number) at the expense of 24 odd other chances.

I won $200. Very disappointing email to receive when it had .00 on the end instead of M

I am all for this

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Thiel is an absolute fucking weirdo

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It’s ‘The Boys’, but real life.

“Can my cousin pick it up” is pretty much a scam on marketplace yeah?

One they start talking about PayPal and other nonsense.

I usually pick up anything my wife buys off marketplace.
Don’t hold things for people, only accept cash is a pretty safe tactic.

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I just held something for someone!

But it’s stuff I listed as free so I’m not worried about that one.

Yeah if it’s free stuff just leave it outside and someone will take it.

I live in a cul-de-sac with a council that gives coupons instead of hard waste pickups.

Today I learned something.

Looking after a patient whose diagnosis is “Fanta overdose”.

What the hell?

Fanta is a street name for GHB for those who led a sheltered life like me.

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Alleviate the risk of a fanta overdose by mixing it 50:50 with Coke and getting you some Mezo Mix.


I can’t remember the details but I remember reading something about Fanta ( the drink not the drugs) that is was invented by the Nazis during WW2 as they couldn’t get coke , again the drink not the drugs. Not sure how true it is though

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Tis true.

I’m amazed it hasn’t been cancelled, must taste too good

I think GHB used to be called fantasy back in the day but the kids changed it up.

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I think it’s called liquid ecstasy as well

The fun thing with Fanta is European Fanta is not the same as our Fanta and the Seps fanta.

Euros freak out when they discover the flouro orange fanta.

Yeah this patient didn’t live a fantasy that’s for sure.

Intubated and on a ventilator for a couple of days.

European Fanta is far superior to the rubbish we get here.

I remember trying the old commie version of Coke when I was in Prague called Kofola. Good stuff