Classic wee club Scottish futba

Watch this, its brilliance.


That was great, really enjoyed it. Marvin has a lot to live up to, or as Wally would say, he’s shite!

Didn’t realise it was so cold in those parts. Like seeing Wally trying to light a ciggie.

Scottish Womens Premier League on NITV at the moment.

I think the play by play commentator is switching between Scots and English.

Ange takes Celtic top of the table with 3-0 win over Rangers. From what I have read, Celtic were a different level to Rangers, Hatate making a very big impact.

Australian football needed a good story after the week its had.

Celtic are an Australian football story?

Well I’ll be …

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I’m surprised Ange hasn’t changed his nationality yet.

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Not a Rangers / Celtic fan but watched the game last night and was happy to see Celtic win and go further away at the top for Ange’s and Tom’s sake , and it put’s the spotlight on Australian managers which is a good thing.
Unfortunately my team is on the slippery slide to relegation , back where we belong :rage:

Wish I’d seen Wally The Mascot before now , that is just fantastic but the music’s “Shite” :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
Eh dinna miss watching fitba in the sna’ :cold_face: :cold_face:
Well done Jubal1 for finding this :+1:

He’ll never have anything to do with Australian football ever again.

The real fun thing about Scottish futba is that it’s not the SPL fans I’m upsetting but the Ange Stans.

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… who are mostly Victorian

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They are a parochial bunch.

So this Ange guy did okay?

In a two team bush league with one of the two teams that can win it …


Has anyone considered getting him into the national team? If he did that well in Scotland…

That just means he’s already on the beers, overthinking and on the way to self-sabotage as per usual.


True, but to his credit, he eradicated the stench of Neil Lennon’s last tenure pretty quickly.

Easy league to sell and buy in!