Cove Shop Clothing Ideas


Add in ideas for clothing


Christmas T-shit/sweater.

Think 12 Mark Rudans on a tree.


A light sort of raincoat jacket thing.
Large Cove symbol on back and small symbol on front


After the Krishna goal in the middle of that chant a couple of weeks ago I’m worried it might curse us…


Business socks


I really liked the cove bottle opener and have it attached to my keys to this day. I think the items that have some kind of utility are the best. The bottle opener, the pin badge were all great because of this. More of that kind of stuff would be quality.


I loved the old white shirt single black line skyline shirt from several years back. Managed to stain my one and would absolutely buy another one of those or similar if it were to come up again. I like the understated stuff that doesn’t scream Sydney fc in big bold letters but can be worn around more generally, with those in the know being in the know and everyone else just going cool shirt, at which point you start the conversation about what it is.


More shirts similar to the Seb Ryall He Hates Melbourne run. Not for all players but definitely icons like Grant and Milos. Also, more kids-only designs. My daughter loved her Smurflife shirt and through that and constant dressing in her SFC jersey and the generic toddlers shirts 3-yo she now gets the meaning of it all - gotta get 'em early


Keep the ideas coming guys, our merch people are always after inspiration,


Pirlo piss-take shirt, reading “No Zullo, No Party”.

An updated version of the FTT shirt, reading “I’m not racist, I just hate Victorians”.

Or maybe go full retro and bring back some of the classics? My standard S wreath, Ramones and Pac-Man tees are all in various stages of disintegration. I’d buy fresh ones in a heartbeat.


+1 to a rerun of the skyline shirt


Skyline shirt was tremendous - howabout a black one with a white skyline as a variation?


Skyline was my favourite design, that and the heartbeat. More shirts that are sydney shirts but not.


Alex Brosque beard on a t-shirt with captain, leader, legend, below it / a Bushranger Brosque design.


Shirseys a la the US Sports
Cove/SFC wreath logo on the front, player name and number on the back. No idea if there’d be IP issues.
Probably better served with past players - eg McFlynn 15



Is there an official Cove tartan and, if so, an official Cove Kilt.

Something like this…



Many thanks for getting the pre-Xmas orders out guys. My missus’ family do an anonymous Kris Kringle / Secret Santa type deal, though we can make an online wishlist which was only done a few weeks back. This morning scored new scarf, hat and Cove t-shirt as requested, stoked. :+1:


I mentioned on the old forum a rip-off Supreme shirt could be cool. If not just more shirts in white or sky blue


A for all of Sydney shirt please. Something along the lines of white design on black tee - cove wreath on front corner and on the back a rough map of Sydney or a listing of several suburbs from all around Sydney (including Campbeltown and Parramatta of or course) with the message to be many suburbs/regions but one cove, one Sydney football club.


A stylised representation of the three rivers (traditional Eora boundary) could work