David Squires mega-thread


Perfect summation of the plastics.

Had a big falling out with a mate who defected from the Mariners to the plastics. No surprise he doesn’t even watch the A-League anymore.


Where is the man? Friday’s have been shit lately.


Holidaying in the UK.


What a hide.

Maybe he wont be allowed back in?


It is, after all, a dangerous game to make such a striking portrayal of our Home Affairs minister. SECURITY RISK!!!111

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Brexit may seal his fate. Stranded at Dover.

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David Squires on … a pedestrian end to the A-League regular season

Love the robot panel.


I love how he throws in a Simpsons reference every once in a while.


Who is the robo-dog behind robo-Reddy?

My favourite was Honda’s critique, the call back to a great early season strip.
Last panel was good fun too.


Mitch Nichols

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Hah, perfect choice!


Ute stealing refugee vegans!


David Squires on … a mixed week in Australia’s code wars


Paulinho :rofl:


Kochie :smiley:


David Squires on … the Glory days returning to Perth


Steve McMahon Jr. Epic :joy:


Some lovely deep A-League cuts there.


Marc Warren’s My Way FTW.


I never thought I’d see his name associated with professional football again.