Don't Blame Me, I Voted for Zdrilić: The Ufuk Talay Thread

Deserves its own thread.


We will need a better thread name.

I asked chatgpt for help:

  1. “Ufuk the Trend: Our Coach’s Journey”
  2. “Talay-ted Coaching: Ufuk’s Rise to the Top”
  3. “Ufuk Your Seatbelt: Coach Talay’s Wild Ride”
  4. “From Ufuk to Stardom: The Coach’s Odyssey”
  5. “Ufukin’ A: Mastering the Art of Coaching”
  6. “Talay’s Triumph: The Ufuking Good Coach”
  7. “Guiding the Ufukin’ Ship: Coach Talay’s Odyssey”
  8. “Ufuk & Roll: Navigating Success with Coach Talay”
  9. “Ufuking the Norms: Coach Talay’s Impact”
  10. “Talay of the Titans: Ufuk’s Coaching Legacy”

Frankly, I don’t like any of them.


Very happy with this appointment. No better fit, for me.


Ufuk yeah!
He’s the perfect person to talk-back to Rudan come derby week/fortnight.

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No 4-2-2-2 please.


Ufuk Talay scored the first ever Sydney FC goal I saw live.

Edit: My brother and I were supposed to go to the club’s first…pre-season cup game(?), where Yorke scored. We ended up at Stadium Australia instead of Aussie Stadium. But then my first game of live football was the WC qualifier, so, pretty good.

I have my concerns about Uffie being a bit too similar to Corica, but he did fantastic work at the Nix and was an integral part of the tactical setup when he was an assistant here, so i’ll go into this one with cautious optimism. Welcome aboard Uffie.

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I’m a bit underwhelmed. Not because I don’t rate Talay, but because I felt like this was always going to happen.

So not surprised with the appointment but keen to see us bounce back hopefully soon


He said “uhh” no less than 3,000 times in that video. I am immediately not impressed.


It’s a bit of an underwhelming appointment, but he can’t be much worse than Corica was by the end and the contract is only until 24/25 as well. Hope he proves me wrong and we go on to do great things with him.

Wow pretty muted response from everyone here?

He’s the natural successor in terms of culture but enough of a breath of fresh air that he should be able to bring some new ideas from outside the club.


Brattan will be pleased, he can take up the fat controller role and never leave the semi-circle.


Please, it’s the Plus Sized Controller. :sweat_smile:

Yeah, I recall one of my initial concerns when we appointed Corica being that he had never really been outside of the Sydney FC ecosystem.

Talay’s familiar with our club and our culture, but has also spent time elsewhere (4 years with the Nix obviously, but also in the NT setup). Hopefully that allows him to bring some new ideas to the table without requiring a transfer window to overhaul the squad first.


I for one welcome our new 4222 overlords.

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I’m excited!

Inevitable outcome yes, but one i can get behind.

Contract 'till 24/25. Happy to give him that time. His player/man management is one of his good qualities so let’s see how he can work with this squad of many talented youngsters and some regulars who have dropped their spirit a bit.

Thumbs up from me. :+1:


“Get him up here, I wanna Uffy him”.

Uffy did great things at Wellington, so I’m optimistic.

He’s a good bloke too. If it does all turn to shit, well, we got Zdrrillic in the wings.


It’s an obvious appointment, but I don’t think that makes it a bad one.

I think he’s got a lot of the qualities that we need.

Well respected and regarded everywhere he’s been, but I feel still yet to really break through in his coaching career - and this is his chance to really establish himself as one of the premier coaches in Australia.

In Uffie we trust!


The Nix kind of sucked and Talay consistently had a bad attitude about it. Sideways step from Corica imo. But as I said hope to be proven wrong.