Euro 2020 thread

Euro 2020/21 starts tomorrow morning 5am our time. I’m usually not that excited for the Euros but given it’s been a while since the last major international tournament, I’m actually quite keen to catch some games.

Some good games in the groups, I might get up early for a few.

Euros are always better than the World Cup. Euro 2000 was easily the best tournament in the past 30-40 years.
But my interest in this multi-country shitsoup is pretty low. Too many hosts, too many teams.

I’m really looking forward to catching as much of this tournament as I can. Having decided long ago to refuse to bother watching a single minute of anything to do with the 2022 World Cup, this will be a solid international football fix to keep me going.

Aside from my standard ridiculously optimistic views on England finally winning something, i am genuinely looking forward to this tournament

Some really good teams, and players on display… France and Belgium look to be the most likely to win it.

As a Portugal fan I’m still puzzled how we got France and farken Germany in our group but I reckon they’ll get out of the group and get pretty close to going back to back. They are a better all round team this time and are working out they don’t have to use Ronaldo all the time.

Scotland’s first international tournament this century, we’ll do our usual, win, draw, loss, out on goal difference in the group stages.

Who has the rights to the tournament, Optus ?

Yeah, they have it and Copa America.

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For those that have Optus Sport, how has it been post World Cup?

Thinking of jumping on the 3 months for $30 for Euro and Copa America and check out some of J League matches.

I just use it on the odd occasion to be honest, not very often but it has been perfect for me . No issues at all.

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I didn’t experience their WC debacle but use it every now and then under a mates login (iirc his Optus account has up to 10 different users via the one email / password combo).

It’s seamless. Just scroll to whatever game / highlights I want on the phone, hit the cast button and it’s up on the big screen TV within seconds. No buffering issues streaming live EPL. And once it’s running on the TV I can lock the phone, even force closing the Optus app, and the stream keeps on running. :+1:

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Thanks mate, appreciate the feedback.

Looks like I’m jumping in!

Portugal and italy are very underestimated by bookies. Portugals side is better than their 2016 winning team and italy have gone unbeaten since the end of 2018

Trying being Polish. We’re expecting the same as usual:

Game 1: Cocky first game loss
Game 2: Desperate second game loss
Game 3: Full team change and dominate the last game

0500 tomorrow morning. Turkey v Italy. :heart_eyes: :+1:

For those that do those sorts of things the euros are on free tv in the UK so you should be able to vpn and watch whatever their streaming apps are.

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After an embarrassing hockey world championship, I’m hoping Sweden can not completely suck in the Euros. We’ve got Spain first up which I’m expecting a complete write off. Hopefully we can get a result against Slovakia and Poland but I’m not expecting much.

I just saw this on youtube if any is keen. Not the greatest video ever made but might get you keen for the tournament to start