February Football Fixture Frenzy Fread

Hat tip to @denmil for the title

Given there’s so much mid-week football on this month, we might as well just have one consolidated thread to cover February. I’ll do my best to keep this first post up to date with postponements etc as well.

February Fixture Fextravaganza

Saturday 5 Feb - 5:05pm - WSW vs Western
(Saturday 8pm is also FFA Cup final)
Sunday 6 Feb - 4:05pm - Nux vs Macarthur

Tuesday 8 Feb - 8:05pm - Newcastle vs City
Wednesday 9 Feb - 5:05pm - Nux vs Melbourne (Note the weird start time)
Thursday 10 Feb - 7:45pm - CCM vs Macarthur
Friday 11 Feb - 7:45pm - WSW vs City
Saturday 12 Feb - 4:50pm - Nux vs Adelaide
Saturday 12 Feb - 7:45pm - Melbourne vs Newcastle
Sunday 13 Feb - 5:45pm - CCM vs Perth
Sunday 13 Feb - 6:45pm - Roar vs Macarthur (Note the overlap with the previous game)

Tuesday 15 Feb - 7:55pm - City vs Adelaide
Wednesday 16 Feb - 5:25pm - Nux vs Roar (Note the weird start time)
Wednesday 16 Feb - 7:55pm - WSW vs CCM
Friday 18 Feb - 7:45pm - City vs Newcastle
Saturday 19 Feb - 7:45pm - Macarthur vs Adelaide
Saturday 19 Feb - 7:45pm - Melbourne vs CCM
Sunday 20 Feb - 6:35pm - Western vs WSW
Sunday 20 Feb - TBD - Perth vs Roar

Tuesday 22 Feb - 7:55pm - City vs CCM
Wednesday 23 Feb - 7:55pm - Newcastle vs WSW
Wednesday 23 Feb - TBD - Perth vs Macarthur (Note that we are playing earlier this day so it is actually a Wednesday triple header)
Saturday 26 Feb - 5:05pm - Newcastle vs Macarthur
Saturday 26 Feb - 7:45pm - Adelaide vs CCM
Sunday 27 Feb - 6:45pm - WSW vs Nux
Sunday 27 Feb - 6:45pm - Perth vs Western
Monday 28 Feb - 7:25pm - Roar vs Melbourne


Farken fantastic

Love a Wednesday triple header

In February, every football team will be playing football several times and in various combinations!


There are old scores to be settled at BankWest, like 1-0, and 2-1 which have happened in the past!


Rudan’s Grubs are currently 0-0 at home vs WU, 28 mins in.

Good job

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And as I type that, it’s 0-1, LoL

Lol if the midweek game is as good as it gets for Western Suburbs. Prijovic could’ve stood there for 10 minutes and still had enough time to put that away :joy: :joy:


If the first 30 minutes of this match is a guide, the Rudan era will be marked by dull barely competent football in which meaningless possession leads to conceded goals.

And all for a salary almost certainly much higher than Robinson

Wanderers are so bad

Cannot wait for the next derby

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That stadium is 90% empty, if the crowd is announced as anything more than 4k you know it’s a complete lie.

Nothing has changed yet, they only scraped past Perth’s NYL team by default. Still so slow on the ball, that’s a decent midfield diamond on paper but they don’t look to play forward out of their own half. And they barely show any interest in trying to win it back, the press is non-existent.

Traore absolutely honking in that first half too, he and Hemed have gone so far backwards this season. :smoking:

We really should sign Rodwell, their only decent player. If only for the laughs

Love how they prematurely let the flame throwers off as Ogawa’s shot bounces off the post and rolls across the face of goal and out for a goal kick :joy:

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Mark Rudan daring to call someone else a fucking piece of shit.

I’m not a good lip reader but I think Rudan wants four coffees