February Football Fixture Frenzy Fread

Can’t work out if that’s a terrible rug or if Kilkenny has been spending spare time at Advanced Hair.

Another fixture added on Tuesday:

Game is on at 8:05. I’ve updated the first post

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So, at least one game on every night for six consecutive days. Nice.

Macarthur still persisting with their pretend 4-4-2. Like always, Najjar will be LWB, Noone RWB.

I never want to hear the word popalution ever again

I never want to watch Sotirio play football ever again.

Jauaush Sotirio having a bad game.

I’m switching over to watch Australia in the curling, it’s more interesting than this

Great to see Welly get off the bottom. From 12th to 7th with one win… Such a close league.

Is Wellington back at home?

In NZ? No.

The game was over before I even thought of putting it on. Seems a damn early kickoff.

No matches tonight, what’s this world coming to

Fold the League…

Jeez. Not a great look…

Yeah not great. One of the unforeseen consequences of having the game at 5pm on a Wednesday.

This week would be a really good time for Paramount to finally get a fixture list up on the app.

Locals in the know are saying Win charges $30k to use the place, so I sympathise with the club wanting to cut costs, but it’s disappointing for local fans.

They could probably get a better deal at Vikings Park in Canberra