FFA Cup 2021 - This magic moment

Preliminary rounds are on in Queensland and they are livestreaming quite a few games. There’s one right now if you want some Saturday evening football:


Saw the schedule pop up on Youtube earlier, hoping AS Carina was founded by Pescara fans otherwise there’s some Medeama SC level plagiarism:



That Pescara one was done by kid for a comp recently wasn’t it?

I had no idea but Wiki says the kid designed the shirt, not the crest:

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Ah that was it. Killer shirt, incidentally.

“AC Carina Football Club and the Brisbane Abruzzo Association (The Club) are a non for profit organisation founded in 1979 by Italo-Australian immigrants from the Abruzzo region in central Italy.”

Abruzzo Abbrùzzu ) or Abruzzi is a region of Southern Italy with an area of 10,763 square km (4,156 sq mi) and a population of 1.3 million. It is divided into four provinces: [L’Aquila] [Teramo] [Pescara] [Chieti]

My brother is living in and supporting his now hometown club of Pescara after migrating there 2 years a go.
Check the Serie A thread.

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Magic pending

Go, you mighty IFS Community Wolves FC…

Go the Glebe Gorillas. That’s an awesome name.

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Particularly as the other Glebe club is called the Glebe Wanderers. I realise it’s an old football name, but it’s tainted forever as far as I’m concerned, like red and black hoops…and I was raised in Bears territory!

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GO KISSING POINT! :blue_heart::white_heart::heart:

‘Western Rage’ - fuck yeah now that’s a club name.

Sadly Holroyd Rangers missed the open goal of using the name Rage.

Rage Holroyd Rangers?



Granville Rage used to be my youth club. We definitely fulfilled the rage aspect.

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Glebe Wanderers are an old club https://www.glebewanderers.com/ I tried out for them in 1984 when they were in the Sydney Amateur League but despite setting up a goal in a pre-season friendly, got the flick. Lots of very good British players, Scousers, Scots etc there including a a couple of ex pros from the old NSW First Division eg this guy:
Waters, Laurie
Date of Birth: (England)
Position: Defender

Playing Record
1968 - Canterbury-Marrickville (NSW Div 1)
1969 - Auburn (NSW Div 1)

1973 - Yugal-Prague (NSW Div 1)
1974 - Granville (NSW Div 2)

I’m aware of this. Having said that neither Glebe club actually play in Glebe. Both based east of the CBD, I believe. The nearest amatuer club to Glebe is Sydney Uni SFC, it seems. Do Gorillas only have a men’s team? They seem to only have a men’s side. I’ve lived in the Camperdown and Glebe area since 2015. Been to some Sydney Uni games, women’s team mostly.

Gorillas play at Waverley synthetic i think. Otherwise there’s a few small clubs who get moved to the various centennial park pitches that are free each week.

Glebe Wanderers used to play out of Wentworth Park outer but a lot of it is covered with other stuff now.

Kiama away at Manly is going to be a hell of a road trip