FFA Cup QF - Sydney FC vs Brisbane - 12/1/22

Just a reminder that this game was moved to 6pm to allow Brisbane to fly back to Queensland on the same day.

Brisbane didn’t play on the weekend so they should be pretty fresh, and they don’t play again until 27/12, so they’ll almost certainly be able to play a first 11 here.

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Big question is who partners Alfie. Think it needs to be Elvis just based off the fact he’s scoring goals but can see it being Woody again.

Huge game in the context of our season.

While I think we will make the finals, i don’t see us having the success of recent seasons so this is our chance of silverware

All cup games are big, the final is HUGE.

This game is HUGE for the roar, if they lose(yes, i like the sound of that) its season over.

A difficult assignment with the BoxingDay game being a MUST win too.

Coaching staff have to balance who can start.

I’ll go with Elvis and Alf like McFlynnsbootlace,with Bobo to come on for some late TAP ins(Elvis) and Woody to replace Alf ater a couple of sausage Rolls.

Start with the same as last Sunday.

Brisbane are shit.
We’ll lose.
Merry Christmas.

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Just in time for Festivus.


It’s the right spot for “the Airing of Grievances”…

This game is the 2nd in a run of wins.Followed by McArfaa @ the CowPad then an underdone Perth@Jubilee.
After that Kosta should be near recovered to strengthen the squad.

No Aldred, Hingert, Brown, Mlinaric, Mileusnic, Lofthouse and Hore.

I hope our Bill is OK or that his close family is not the one in question.

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Love a good prime time game.

Yup, can’t wait for the weekend. This ain’t it

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With the list of outs for Brisbane and their recent form - or lack of - we should win this comfortably.

Having said that, all depends what team we show up with. I don’t want to see us sit back in the opening 20 minutes and soak up pressure. That’s asking to get peach baguetted.

Not sure how true, but if it is, dear God…

I’ll take the forfeit and 3-0 win.


Covid is really starting to grind my gears haha

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how do you miss flights out of Brisbane???

How is that not a forfeit.