FFA Cup QF - Sydney FC vs Brisbane - 12/1/22

Next time we should “miss” flights to avoid fixture congestions and play them at a more appropriate time.

Oh fuck off.

Missed the flight my arse. 3-0 forfeit & fuck off back to Ipswich.


We should of missed our flight for last season’s grand final.

I still do not understand why the other FFA Cup games are cancelled especially the Gold Coast Croatia vs MV game considering it’s one case and having us played with Grant out, supporters having COVID etc.

With cases increasing, what’s the best solution? because cancelling/suspension of games then ultimately the league isn’t the way to go long-term.

If we’re learning to live with COVID, and this is going to be the ‘new normal’, then clubs should be expected to field youth players en-mass when first XI players come down with COVID.

Or just call it what it is an forfeit the game. I’ll be pissy if we end up losing the rescheduled match.

It is quite convenient for them. Heaps of outs and currently they are in worse form than us…

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Absolutely this. How could this not be a forfeit? Don’t really care if it was in their control or not either, you don’t turn up on gameday and therefore you automatically lose the game.

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They’re making NBA teams sign 10 day contracts from G-League teams and free agents. There have been a couple of postponed games, but I don’t think that will happen much more now, unless things explode. These signings are outside the luxury cap, etc.

Not necessarily having a go at our club but FMD what does this jumble of words even mean from the article posted above:

A matter unrelated to Brisbane Roar’s travelling delegation has led to complications with the team’s charter flight departing Queensland today forcing the postponement of tonight’s match.”

Did the wings fall off the plane?

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Must have been made from cardboard or cardboard derivatives.


Or… the numbers on their chartered plane started peeling off and were deemed unsafe to take off as it confused the commentators, I mean the air traffic control tower?


Mmm… maybe pilot tested positive? Or their bus driver? Maybe they forgot to fill up with petrol? Many tantalising possibilities …

The old petrol in the diesel tank eh

Plane glitch so it gets stood down cause air safety and they cant secure an alternate in time is a possibility.

It enough to make you think this is a competition put on by an organisation unfit for putting on football competitions.

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Master plan comes to fruition. Bouzouki action tonight, still get to go to game whenever. #winning

Because the game was to be held in Queensland I assume that all Melbourne players would’ve been deemed close contacts in the same way the Perth players were.
If the game was moved to Melbourne then the GC players wouldn’t have been able to get back into the state without quarantining.

As for the City vs Wellington game, if 6 players on one side have tested positive then you would suspect that the rest of them probably will in the very near future. Postponing the fixture is the correct decision.

You mean i bought this beer for nothing? Fuck. Just knocked off work for the year and was frothing to watch the boys. dis-a-fucking-pointed.

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Depends on what beer it is?

If its not Pioneer you’re a disgrace to Orange.

Quit airing your grievances, Festivus has been postponed.

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