FFA Cup R16 - Sydney FC vs Macarthur - 8/12/21

I think the Cup is our only real shot at silverware at this point so I’m totally supportive of doing our best to win this thing.

That said, I can see Macarthur outplaying us again. Davila took a knock against Mariners and was hobbling around a bit so he may take this one off which would drastically improve our chances.

I agree, winning the FFA cup would actually be a nice bit of silverware to add to the collection and take some pressure off winning anything else.

If we go behind though, I think it’s game over. Macarthur are the most frustrating team to watch when going up. They will just waste time and kill the game off by sucking all the life out of it. Kurto probably single handedly wasted 10-15 mins on the weekend against CCM. Was down for around 7 mins with a head knock that he milked and took at least 2 mins for every goal kick.


Silverware is silverware, and we should try to win it whenever we can.

I’m worried they dick us again. They seem to have us figured out. Hopefully they don’t turn up and we do.

$7.50 a ticket is about $8 too much if it’s anything like the last time we played them


Tickets to Tigers vs APIA were free and it was the most exciting game I’ve been to in years.

I’m not going to this on the off chance it’s as shit as the recent one in the league.

Can’t imagine having to sit through that knowing it was gonna make me more tired at work the next day.

Would go if I wasn’t working. :frowning: Stupid night shift, not letting me do normal people hours.

Can we get Milligan to do a video on how Macarthur can beat Sydney FC?


Is kick off 7:30pm (Ticketek/google), 7:45pm (bottom of club email) or 8pm (body of club email)?

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Will be there. Bargain ticket prices really pull at a Yorkshireman’s heart strings

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So, Paulo or HVDS at RB? I feel like Retre might be a better choice just based off Harry’s outing against Olympic. Have to imagine it’s Caceres/Hoff in midfield unless we’re planning on resting Caceres.

To be fair to Harry, his poor game vs Olympic was for me the first time he hasn’t done a reasonable job at least when called upon. Would be unfair to use that as a conclusive verdict.

Davila is apparently out for this one

HVDS for the Cup game I imagine and then maybe Retre on the weekend depending on how much Hof plays on Wednesday.

Def a poor snapshot, but I think Retre might be preferred considering he’s very defensively minded and we have been conceding too many goals.

Calum Talbot


Davilla is out for a month

Really get the feeling we’ll do a “play the kids” line up for this one, and if we get through, great - if not, great. The club will be prioritising the league after a poor start, injuries etc I feel. Sadly

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Westys played the 2nd eleven,last night I hope Fc is great and gets revenge for the loss@ Jubilee.

I’d take a 10-0 loss tonight in exchange for a good performance and a win on Sunday.