FFA Cup R16 - Sydney FC vs Macarthur - 8/12/21

I’d take a 10-0 loss tonight in exchange for not losing to a bunch of part-timers and tradies whose comp got canned 5 months ago.

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I will not take a 10-0 loss tonight well.


If we don’t win 6-0 I will be disappointed

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Just remembered it’s game day! Nice way to add some excitement to an otherwise dull mid week.

We’re gonna get arse blasted.


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We getting peach baguetted by the BOM.

Poncho time!

The rain should make this interesting

Any team news yet?..is Paulo at RB? Hoff starting?

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Looking at the radar and considering Jubilee, I am not regretting my decision to stay home for this one.

Neither am I. Would be miserable out there.

Yeah nah, fuck Jubilee and it’s lack of covering. Be watching at home

Lucky to break 1k tonight

Surprisingly strong side

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No Elvis is surprising and I really think we should be giving THB a run in these games.
It will be interesting to see whether Warland has been dropped or just rotated.

Still no Hof???! This is ridiculous.


Even the joyous prospect of driving through peak hour traffic to get there, could not entice me out of my home.

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He’s on the bench. You’d expect him to get decent minutes. He’s not starting material, yet.

Kick off has been pushed back 30 mins

why not? what evidence have you got to say that Hof is not starting material. He has been a star in his every appearance and Caceres was run off his feet on Saturday

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He’s coming back from a bad injury and he’s quite young.

Chucking him in could well destroy him.