FFA Cup R16 - Sydney FC vs Macarthur - 8/12/21

I think he’s got the quality to be starting soon, but he’s also coming back from a fairly serious injury. Not much to be gained from rushing him back.


Attendance-wise, looks like we have the Belconnen 13 covered.


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Is this on 10play?


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Indeed. Pretty sure all remaining Cup games will be on there.

I know Kosta hasn’t been an amazing signing for us, but I’m still hopeful he can contribute this season. Good to have him back at least.

Ta. Like a moron I went looking under Sport > Football. and there was no link.

But you’ll never be as cool.

Is the delayed kickoff why the stream is doing nothing?

Water logged pitch? Probably a chance it could get called off…

No, I’m sure its the thousands of people outside the gates trying to get in :wink:


There was a derby - I think it was 2019 - that was called off because of drainage issues at Kogarah. There was a lot more rain in the lead-up to that game, though.

There’s actually a Round 4 A-League Men’s match on now between City and Perth, but I don’t want to mow CountArach’s lawn by starting a round thread.

I’m trying to watch on through 10 play app and there is no coverage. Has the match started? Can I stream the match?

Go to “Live TV” instead of scrolling through the FFA Cup menu. You can see the screen informing us of the 7.30 kick off.

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We have a stream running! Game must be about to start.

A sorry sight that is, even if it’s mid week, rainy, and and an FFA cup match.

I’ll be glad to see the back of Kogarah… kills any excitement over a match day.


The delay was due to a COVID test result pending on a Sydney player according to the commentator.
Seems a strange reason to delay the game. The player should’ve just been ruled out.

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Our first two games this season, the pitch was being watered pregame, and with the amount of rain pregame in those fixtures, there were standing pools of water all over the field.

Has the on ground video ad machine broken?