FFA Cup R32 - Sydney Olympic vs Sydney FC - 24/11/21

I’ve got my tickets but looking at the forecast this could get ugly. I haven’t been to Belmore Oval before - what’s the ground’s rain coverage like? I’m going to guess not great.

Match preview can be found here:

I assume they’ll concentrate everyone in the grandstand, which has some coverage from the elements. But you’ll probably need to be a fair way back.

Actually after googling, looks like anywhere in the grandstand should be okay.

Last time I went to Belmore oval was for the SFC youth teams first ever game… Adam Hett was playing (I am sure that was the game he did his knee) for SFC… it was the best of times, it was the blurst of times…

SO fans spent their time calling us KFC… wonder if they have since come up with something more interesting…

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As in, Kosher FC?

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No - my assumption was because they call us a franchise, and KFC is a franchise and kinda sounds like SFC… or some such thing.

Ah, right. I assumed they went straight for the anti-Semitism.

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The stand is a 9000 seat stand

Its fucking huge.

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I assume Bill Papas was talking this up when he said he’d be on the lamb?


Match preview is up on the front page:



The Burgess kiddies facing off against each other.
Tassos Bouzouki at halftime.
Quantities of barbequed meats
I’m pumped


Pro tip. If they have the Teams catering truck on site at Belmore don’t eat anything from it. Stick to the traditional Greek fair. :slightly_smiling_face:

Let’s destroy these donkeys. Sydney 4-0.

Sydney Olympic FC vs. Sydney FC
Belmore Sports Ground, NSW – 7.30pm AEDT
Referee: Ben Abraham. Assistants: Matthew McOrist & Brad Wright. Fourth Official: Sam Kelly.

Is this on P+?

I have a ticket, but really cbf driving up for this

It would be on 10Play.

Roy O’Donovan lining up for Olympic? Random.

Έχει κανείς PAX

Here’s the Burgess boys doing a promo:

Biggest question… will we be wearing last years jersey tonight just because it conveniently has the Cup patch on it already? Playing against a team with blue & white stripes would seem like the perfect time to deflower that mint new 3rd strip, but it’s shade could actually clash more than our regular sky blue. :man_shrugging:

I’m all for the third kit. Snappiest one I’ve owned in years.

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The biggest question is who will have the lowest Burgess socks?