FFA Cup Round of 32 draw

The Round of 32 draw is in two days - Wednesday at 7:30 live on Fox Sports News or streamed on the FFA Cup website.

Just one team left to confirm:

Who do you want to draw?

Can we just get Adelaide now to get it over and done with?

Pretty sure we get a member federation club because we were top 4. At least that’s how I remember this going.

But then Adelaide will knock us out further down the path.

Will it ever become truly random?

Not a designed draw

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Will be awesome if and when it does become reality.

For purely selfish reasons I would prefer another perth team.
I think it’s happened twice before.

Mackay & Whitsundays Magpies Crusaders United. Mostly because of that messed up name


You can get streaming instructions here:

We are drawn as the home team against Brisbane.

First out of the pot… don’t believe that’s happened before

Most boring possible draw tbh

We’re at home, so that’s a positive

We get to be first to fuck Fowler.


Brisbane will be an absolute shambles then.
Could be messy.

Who will flog the Mariners?


Both the non league perth teams look like they are away which sucks.
Guess I’ll go laugh at wsw get flogged by glory.

Yeah we already play them three times. At least we get a competitive home game to attend before the season.

Thoughts on which venue it will be? Personally hoping for Leichhardt Oval.

Assuming if it’s available it will be Leichhardt. That’s been our FFA Cup home ground in the past (against City).