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I was sick with the flu for 2 weeks straight a few weeks ago. Knocked out completely, first time I missed 3 days of work in a week. Got better, only had a lingering annoying cough, then two days ago, bam, flu is back, cough is worse and i’m fucked


I know people are going to say “It’s Facebook”, but people that go onto result posts on football club pages and ask what the score is. It really is far too tempting to just tell them Sydney won 2-1.


I hear ya. Imma start writing “Sydney 7-0” on each of them.


Nah go for “Sydney losing 5-0”.


Worse is people complaining that a Facebook page for a sports page/channel has revealed the score for a game earlier that day.


Had a similar experience porting my number to Optus a few weeks back, although I was only lied to 4 times over the 48 h it took them to get the job done.

I strongly suspect that their call centre drones have targets for calls per hour but no targets for actually having done anything on those calls.


I must have got lucky. I changed from Virgin to Optus last month. I went into their main shop on George st near the Apple store. Was in and out and sorted in less than 15 mins. Much easier in person I guess


It’s stinking hot outside, and the hottest part of the day, and the office aircon is working perfectly… so naturally we have a fire drill and have to congregate outside at the evacuation point in the middle of a bitumen car park


Sneak off to the pub and don’t go back


I’m the Chief Fire Warden :sweat:


Even better. declare the building unsafe and everyone gets the day off.

who says sfcu isn’t full of ideas


may as well set a real fire… everyone gets the week off if it’s bad enough


People who don’t have their Opel cards ready when getting on or off the bus :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Just as bad or maybe worse is when they get to the front of a hefty queue at a ticket gate at Town Hall, and then decide it might be a good time to search through their bag for the card.


On a similar, who decided to locate the Maccas in Wynyard such that the waiting area is in one of the busiest thoroughfares in the city?


Yeah that’s a completely wild decision.


A while back I was at the cinema and there was a long queue to get tickets. After 20 minutes I was second in the queue and it would be tight to get into the theatre before the film started. When it was their turn, the couple in front of me moved to the ticket seller whereupon the bloke turned to his girlfriend and said “what do you want to see?”

Your soon to be lifeless body writhing in agony.

The topic of what you wanted to see never came up as you spent 20 minutes facing a flashing neon board listing everything on?


who goes to them movies with out at least a general idea of what they want to see???


Using the self service checkouts at Coles (Coles seems worse than Woollies).

A few things:
They’ve stopped supplying plastic bags (which is good), but it freaks out when I bring my own bags as they seem to be just over the “own bag” weight threshold, so I have to wait for the attendant. (Even if I just use one bag at a time)

Also, fruits like avocados have a barcode on them, but Coles don’t program the barcode for them, so if you scan one it comes up with “item not found” and you have to wait for assistance. Sure, I’ve learnt not to scan them, but when you put a few on the weighing thing to do an item lookup, it will occasionally find the barcode and fuck you over.

I noticed as well that different demographic areas have different tolerances configured. At Mosman for example, it literally doesn’t give a fuck if the items don’t really weigh the right amount, but in Dee Why it’s super sensitive. I’d hate to try it at Mount Druitt.


Im in West Ryde and never really had an issue. Pretty sure Top Ryde actually lets you scan the barcode on Avocados