First Gear-Grind of the new Forum

Fexo worked well for me in Canberra, since moving back to Perth I don’t get hayfever at all.

Loratadine is also very effective, we give that as a first line in hospital for allergies.

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Weirdly enough I never had any hayfever issues in 26 years living in Sydney, but always got it badly when visiting Europe. Been here 8 years now and each year it seems to get worse.

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Presumably different pollen and pollutants in the air in different locations. You can always develop allergies to stuff too which sucks.

Ive got a heavy flu and spent the night awake tending to my 3 year old who was vomiting all night

Hang in there mate, thats a rough ride


Finally about to visit the pub. I figure if I have a secondary bacterial infection in my raging sore throat a cask strength malt should kill the bugs.

If I can stand the pain. :fearful:

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Keep hydrated, both of you. Good luck.

My go to sore throat/throat cough relief is a slurpee. Get one of those bad boys and let it coat your throat for a couple of hours relief.

Roger that. A cask strength malt slurpee.


Toping it off with a trip to emrgency. Waiting in triage right now. She ended up vomiting on the way in with a 40C temp.

Worst thing is, as we’re sitting here, it’s calmed down and shes eaten more in the past 10 mins than she has in two days…

Kids. They know how to mess with you.


Walking up this morning at 7am after 5 hours of broken sleep to a rising rendition of all the fire alarms in the building going bonkers from undiagnosed faults was just the perfect way to wake up ^^

Exactly the same for me. 25 years in Australia, nothing. Move to UK and gets me every time, though not usually until around May.

May is when it hits me even worse, that grass pollen is a killer.

Dymista is great stuff. I swear by it.

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So turns out my oldest has a UTI, which grinds my gears as we got her tested two weeks ago when she first started with symptoms and came back negative.

On the topic of hayfever and allergies, I’ve been doing immunotherapy for about five years now, with daily sublingual drops. It’s an annoying part of my daily routine (you can’t take them 15 minutes before or after food or drink) and it’s fucking expensive ($550 each time I need a refill which is 2-3 times per year) but I have to say it’s completely changed hayfever season for me. I used to have to take a claratyne every day for two to three months on end but now it’s only rarely that I need one.

I still haven’t decided if it’s worth the financial cost but it’s massively helped my day to day living.


You;ve got an answer. The world is imperfect but you know now.

First career colonoscopy tomorrow. They’ve given me a prep sheet that started 3 days out with a low fiber diet and now 1 day out with a clear liquid diet and multiple cocktails of laxatives and gatorade.

Why does it matter what I eat 2 and 3 days prior if you’re going to flush me like an aeroplane toilet a day before?

That flushing process is horrific… starts and you think everything is going to be ok… then you just hold on for dear life for a few hours.

Good luck.