Fuck the Asterisks - The MLB Thread

World Series starts on Wednesday, Red Sox vs Dodgers. They’ve only met once before in the World Series way back in 1916.

Back to back appearances for the Dodgers. Last year they had the best record coming from the toughest division, but got run down in game 7 by the Astros courtesy of a red hot George Springer and superior trades (Verlander >>> Darvish by such a margin it ain’t funny). They’ve just come off a hectic NLCS with the Brewers and that ‘pen.

This year it’s Boston who’ve had the best record from arguably the toughest division, in which the 3rd placed Rays had a record on par with the NL division winners. They’ve also done the Yankees and defending champion Astros in a canter through the post-season.

Got a soft spot for Boston but as a Dodgers fan hoping history repeats and that being the best team all year counts for nada in October. Also Chris Taylor is my man, what a guy.

Must admit to being a once a year follower of these shenanigans. Disappointed the Brewers didn’t get there in the end as I can’t really get behind either of these 2.
I have an immense dislike of any team from New England or LA so choosing a side comes down to aesthetics. Because of this I think I’ll have to stump up for Boston simply because Fenway is one of the iconic sporting venues in the world. I also like that the groundsman often mows the sox logo into the grass.

Yeah, I grew up following the Raiders when they were in LA so kinda ended up rooting for LA teams (Dodgers & Lakers) by default. Exception to this rule is the Galaxy who I hate with a passion.

Unfortunately these decisions were made long before visiting and experiencing what an absolute cesspit downtown LA & Hollywood are. Dodger Stadium is magnificent in its own 60’s behemoth kinda way, though not a patch on Fenway or Wrigley.

Go Sox

Real shame the 2018 playoffs were cancelled.
Looking forward to the winter meetings and Bryce Harper getting his move to the north side.

Sox 2 nil up after winning both at Fenway.
80% of teams taking a 2-0 lead win the World Series.
Dodgers looking like a beaten team already

I was in a pub with a tiny screen but thought Ryu got dicked today. Strike 3 not called with 2 out in the 5th, then they go on to load bases and bring in 3. :tired_face:

Still, Sox deserve to be 2 up. LA rely too much on the deep ball (the boom or bust offence thing has been done to death, but the relative ability to bring guys in once they get on is night and day).

Red Sox won 16 more games than the Dodgers over the course of the season, in a more difficult league. It’s the highest gap between two world series teams that I can remember. Boston are just plain better.

Will have to give up on game 3 very soon. 1 apiece, top of the 13th, FFS. There’s been about 8 hits the whole game. Need to get my skates on to make kick off. Holy cow, Boston scores!

Thank fuck that’s over.

Muncy walks it off, bottom of the 18th.

Well that escalated quickly. :persevere:

A thing of beauty :rofl:

Schooled, congrats to the Sox who were just better everywhere. Tbh last year was harder to take with the expectation, game 7 at home and only even going that far courtesy of losing the two extra-inning games.

Dodgers record reflected the massive losses of Turner and Jansen at times, but overall the squad heading into the post-season was probably stronger than last year… starting rotation is better, Wood, Maeda and a superb Baez out of the ‘pen. Madson had been clutch in some pressure environments too. Freese was an upgrade on Utley or Granderson, Machado at least on par with Seager. Yet still comprehensively beaten.

Feel for Dave Roberts. Great guy, but pulling Hill yesterday is gonna see him cop heat like Pete Carroll did for not giving the ball to Marshawn. Tough one, I’ve seen a LOT of Rich Hill this year and he hasn’t pitched much better, but Dave’s done that all year, trying to stay ahead of the damage. Just backfired at the worst possible time.

Kershaw had an opt-out clause from the final 2 years of his deal, but has instead agreed to a 3 year extension worth a lazy $93M.

Closer to home, the Blue Sox are the real deal this season, just comprehensively annihilated Brisbane 11-2 in a top of the table series opener.

Always an enjoyable evening out when you can grab a 6 drink voucher for $29, which includes 500ml cans of Asahi. :beer: Being able to plaster Cove stickers all over Wests HQ while there also makes visiting Blacktown slightly more palatable.

Yankees sign Troy Tulowitzki for the league minimum, Toronto will pay him $20mil to play against them.

Great business Blue Jays.

This was last week but still needs to be posted for posterity. Shine on Puig, you crazy diamond.

LA’s streak is over, 33 straight games at Dodger Stadium with a homer which is a new MLB record. That’s pretty good considering it’s historically been considered a pitchers park and that 3 of the previous 5 longest streaks (incl. the previous record of 32) were altitude-assisted by the Rockies.

Vladdy fever has hit Toronto!

NL wild card just finished. The Nats plated 3 against Hader in the bottom of the 8th to beat the Brewers 4-3.