Grand Final - City vs Sydney FC - 26/6/21

The location is still tbd so it’ll be good to have somewhere to discuss that.

Apparently maximum spectators at AAMI would be 9000 or so, so APL are in discussions with the Victorian government.

I just posted this in the final series thread, so I’ll post there. From what I can understand from what Greg was saying

As it stands, metro Melbourne won’t allow fans (perhaps 9k like you said but I didn’t know that).

Regional Victoria can have fans…. But not from Melbourne.

They’re giving it until close of business Tuesday to see if the Victorian government relaxes the laws, otherwise it looks like it’ll revert back to BankWest.

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That’s assuming that WE don’t end up in lockdown by then.


Yeah that’s a real possibility if shit keeps trending badly

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Isn’t the reason we made Canberra our capital, in case Sydney and Melbourne both let us down?

I don’t know. I should have paid more attention in Australian History.

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No Canberra is the capital to give the politicians easier access to drugs and porn.


Yeah Rugari put it in his match report on the City semi final. It’s part of the new lifting of restrictions, I think it was 25 or 30% capacity allowed now.

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Sounds like O’Rourke is pushing for Melbourne, even with reduced crowds. Also seems like the Canberra or other city option is the third choice and I imagine would only happen if neither city can host with crowds:

Taking my own attendance out of this the right order is - 1. AAMI, 2. Etihad (assuming its 25% or something), 3. Canberra, 4. Parra.

Canberra would be fun. Having a few beers with City fans who are also travelling would be different.


I like the Canberra option almost as much as parramatta

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Everyone is welcome to come have afternoon tea at my house if Canberra is hosting.
With the added benefit that I live in NSW.

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I want the final in Melbourne.

So we can twat them at their home. No conspiracies. No whinging.


Canberra would be fun. I’d go for sure. As I would for the FFA Cup if it was to happen that way.

We’ll beat them wherever we play, but I would prefer it to be at AAMI park.

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Based on experience, I like it when we win Grand Finals in Melbourne.


I just want them to make a decision!

I would hate to be making the call on this. Very few people will be happy either way.

Isn’t that, deep down, what football’s all about?


I’m not happy with your attitude

Sorry, fuck the FFA, fuck VAR, conspiracy, sokkah twitter, etc.

Each option is bad and/or unfair. Even just doing the standard (pre COVID) of AAMI will piss off heaps of City fans assuming there is a low capacity. I will whinge no matter what but they are on a no win with this.