Grand Final - Perth Stadium Sunday 19 May

To kick things off I am in exile in Perth so happy to help any organisation that is needed.

Perth Stadium is a great venue but there isn’t much directly near it unless you stay in the Casino.

I would recommend staying in the city and walk over. Northbridge is the nightlife centre but there are plenty of decent accommodation on Adelaide Terrace in the East End of the city which is quieter but closer to the stadium.

I am happy to help out with any more information or questions anyone has.

Pre-Match Pub is the Sails Bar at the WACA which is a short walk across the river to Optus stadium.

The WACA is about a 25 minute walk from the centre of the CBD, alternatively buses frequently run down St George’s Terrace/Adelaide Terrace to either the WACA itself or very close by.

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We will win. See you all next week.

Bought tickets last week. Had we lost to MV, would have worn SFC shirt and cheered on the Glory.

Can’t wait lads ! Also someone who’s in exile in Perth :joy: Hope we can get a good showing in the away bay.

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Grand Final week!!!

Wearing a different SFC jersey to work every day this week.

So it looks like all the SFC seating is at ground level. Does anybody know the stadium and if I’m going to see anything from there? My old eyes ain’t what they used to be.

It will be a decent view from most seats . The rake is better than Docklands, Homebush or the SFS. I haven’t seen the pitch orientation but I wouldn’t be concerned.

If you get the option tickets further back in the bay are going to have a better sight line. The pitch is recessed below row 1 but not a huge amount.

I don’t think they will be opening the upper stands for fear of patchy looking crowds on the broadcast :joy:

I have one spare ticket in section 143, mistakenly got an extra in the pre sale.

Face value of course.

So how the fuck do I select away ACTIVE?

I use password, unlock away tickets and it’s giving me section 143 which looks on halfway? Only active tickets I can see are restricted view…


Away supporters area. One of the trillion needless options.

I think I’ve wound up with seats right near the fence. Why would they not sell from the back of the bay first.

I’m picking away supporters, I get 143 or 111 which is “away gold” on the map.

105/106 is Cove? I can’t select away active. FFS.

I see the overnight temps are colder than what I realised over there & my 05:45 flight back might mean an all nighter.
Might have to pack some thermals…

Yeah it gets a bit chilly overnight if there is a clear sky (being on the edge of a desert and all) I am sure we can find a warm pub to keep you from dying from exposure.

Anyone? Bueller?

The only active option is restricted view, yet when selecting it it doesn’t even confirm which bay it is before proceeding. I need to know if that’s Cove…

before I head down to Ticketmaster HQ and fucking burn it to the ground.

Wouldn’t Away Active Restricted View be Cove?

Scroll down almost all of the way down and you will see an option “Away Supporters, Active, Restricted View”. I selected that one and got bay 1061. $49 + bf.

It looks like all the active bay has been classed as restricted view.

If you limit your search to the lowest category on level one you should get offered 106 & 106 which are the Cove bays.

They are normally never sold as “restricted view”, that’s for seats behind poles and shit.

But selecting them and it doesn’t specify which bay they are in, nor does anywhere state Cove section will be GA.

Up in the top right hand corner, after selecting them, it should say “General Admission 1061”