Grand Final - Perth vs Sydney FC - 19/05/19 - Match thread


Loved the band but fuck they were pretentious cunts back in the day (may he rest in peace)


Going to be so unproductive at work this week. Flights and accommodation booked. Apparently ticketmaster webaite has shit its pants


Perth has a lot of “you fat bastards, you fat bastard your shit”

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Perth surrounds is beautiful

Perth city is Parramatta

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Yep -It’s the worst time for me to try to be unproductive at work too , trying to transition off one large fuckin shitty project onto a bigger fuckn shittier one but having to do both at present…next week gets worse…

I have flights + accom done, but haven’t got my game Tix as I’m waiting till tomorrow as I may pick up a couple of comps.

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Rottnest Island is a protected nature reserve off the coast of Western Australia. White-sand beaches and secluded coves offer interstate visitors a serene island experience. It’s also home to the Quokka, a small marsupial who was smart enough to make the Island it’s home and stay the fuck away from Perth, a dismal, horrible town where the human inhabitants are believed to be less evolved than the Quokka itself.


Tix flights and accomm done. Pre match pub?


This thread: Grand Final - Perth Stadium Sunday 19 May


35k tickets sold according to SMH. Optus is going to be rocking as we take back the toilet seat.


Perrfff hasn’t got a decent surfspot,Rhyans got a drive 4 hours south to get a toob!


I love this thread.

I also love living in Perth.

But this week, fuck Perth and everything it stands for.


What traveling numbers approximately are we looking at 300-400? More??


Will those of us not able to make it to Perth for whatever reason be going to the Bat and Ball? Or is that not really a place for away game anymore?

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Bat & ball will be pumping.


Sydney FC fans will need to break the bank if they want to travel to Sunday’s A-League grand final in Perth with ticket prices skyrocketing as demand rises.

Sydney FC fans face horrific travel prices for A-League grand final


I really hope someone drives that. It would be an incredible effort.


35,000 sold in hours: A-League grand final tickets fly out the door.

Around 20,000 were bought by club members before they were made available to the general public on Tuesday afternoon.


It looks like Zullo might be a bit touch and go:




Reddy is their keeper. So many good times to be had.