Grand Final - Sydney FC vs Melbourne City - 30/08/2020

Let’s break that record and cement our status as the biggest club the country has ever seen.

Gutted I’ll be missing this.

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Watching from my couch in Perth cause I don’t think Super barilaro bruz or the Koalakiller will let me back in :joy:

What a run this club has been on since booting Farina


When did tickets go on sale? Almost all of category A was gone by the time I got the club email.


I bought mine on Monday the minute they went on sale.

Cat A is still available, although it’s single seats only.

Cat B and C still available, so really no one who really wants a ticket should miss out.

I got mine early in the 1st half last night as I didn’t want to miss out and thought if Perth go through then I’ll go to the game as a neutral.

Tix bought. Buscopan and stemetil ordered.

That’s a funny way to spell lube.

We’re gonna get arse blasted.


Got a Cove end ticket in bay 126 this morning. Feels weird we only have to wait a few days for this…but can’t wait!!

Yeah. The Farina-dation (Farina created foundation) has been a great springboard for chancers like Arnie and Bimbi. He deserves a Saint Terry style tifo - crowd fund it?

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Bought to many tickets in the wrong bay, whoever needs 2 tickets together in bay 210 selling $70 for both

Sitting above the Cove again, can’t wait

A large care package containing peaches, baguettes and various assortments of goo has been sent.


Mate I’ve become a master iso baker, the baguettes are fresh :sweat_smile: but I will take the goo & peaches for dipping & topping.

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Typical Ticketek. When using my member code, could only access the city section. Tried again without the code and got a seat in the cove. worth trying for those still to buy

So we will have an opportunity to win a Grand Final at the home ground of our closest rival before they have had the pleasure of lifting the toilet seat anywhere. Team motivation has been sorted.


Feels good to even say we’re in the GF.

Hope we get good crowd in and can really get the noise going. No idea how the game’ll go, but I have faith in our boys.

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Weve got Beath…

Asking for a friend - anywhere that sells 10,000 customised stickers at short notice in the Sydney area? Need to be incredibly hardwearing and impossible to remove.


Is it possible to be Beathed, peach-baguetted and ass blasted at the same time??