Group D: Australia vs Denmark 1/12/2022

Australia v Denmark - 1/12/2022, Al Janoub Stadium. Kickoff: 2:00am (AEST)

Need a draw or win to go through. A loss is certain.

Fire up for disappointment!

As ALM are calling it, the Princess Mary derby.

Reminded me of the time some Tassie bloke called in to JJJ and claimed to have banged her back in the day, the hosts asked him if he had anything to remember her by and after a short pause he said “well, I’ve still got the ute I rooted her in”.


Can’t decide if it’s gonna be a crushing 5-0 loss or a heart breaking 2-2 draw with a 93rd minute 35m into the top corner.

What was that one ACL game where I think it was Shanghai that beat us right at the end with a beautiful goal?

That was Shandong Luneng, away goals, round of 16 after Zak Anderson stupidly got sent off and Branners had to fill in at CB.

If Branners was still at DM he’s probably there to stop the shot and we’d have then been in the QF’s with our dominant 16-17 side (as QF’s on were held after the rest of Asia’s mid-season break). Mickey Mouse comp anyways.

I’d take that 2-2 draw but.

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er sprængt

That’s the one. Still see that goal perfectly and the resulting crushing disappointment and questioning of why I ever had hope

And yeah 2-2 draw would be good meant 2-1 loss.

Maybe like when Roar put two past us in added time to beat us. Yes we’re well versed in disappointment

Interview talking up Hrustic’s comeback from injury. Who does Arnie drop to bring him back in? Surely not Mooy, he was immense at DM vs Tunisia, but I’d feel bad for either McGree or Irvine to get dropped. I don’t think he’s a natural at RW, needs to play a bit more centrally.

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Did fuck all when he came on last game? Or was I not paying attention

He’d been injured a month, so he and will be better for the run. I’d still be reluctant to start him though

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Hrustic in for McGree. Maybe Degenek in at RB. Not sure if we’d want a third change too for some freshness.

Id be looking for another cameo from him. He looked underdone. And unless there are some knocks or players are fatigued, od keep the same lineup.

Can Souttar do another 90? Was immense last game but has hardly played in 12 months.

If anyone can have people recovered and fit in these short turnarounds it’ll be Clarkey. They’re mostly young guys who’ve started with the exception of Mooy and Leckie and maybe Duke so everyone should be good to go again.

Who else has woken up with absolute gut wrenching nerves?

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Didn’t help that he played at RW.

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I would be inclined to play Degenek at RB - not sure he will provide much going forward, but neither does Fran Karacic and Degenek is much more experienced for this type of game.

Also, I am always surprised by how much younger Degenek is than it seems - he is only 28 - two years older than Karacic…

Never heard of her.
(Oh shit. My necklace.)


Devlin starts. Never more than 2m from Eriksen.


Eriksen has been sitting deeper though hasn’t he… which would pull us out of shape if that were to happen.

Never in a million years is Arnie changing Mooy and Irvine unless someone is not fit.

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Mooy and Irvine can do the passing and retaining possession. Devlin just annoys the shit out of Eriksen.

We are going to be playing on the counter anyhow. Might be advantageous if Devlin was to occasionally win the ball off a deeper sitting Eriksen.

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