HAL Finals #FeelTheFinals

RedKat put Toivonen in his who, to my mind, has the best ability of any striker in the league but just isn’t playing in a team which can take advantage of it.
Edit: Hang on you probably mean first 11. Fair enough then.

Toivonen has looked amazing when played, but thankfully has spent enough of the season off the pitch.

Is the game tonight not live on free to air? Looks delayed on the tv guide

Should be live. Kick-off 7:50, telecast starts at 7:30.

Looks like no one has turned up.

Is there any shitter tradition than Stand By Me?

Burgess to deliver.

I liked that ad promoting the finals, despitr the images of Kevin. A bit of production quality going into it, would love to see stuff like that wall to wall during the season in mainstream media…

Hopefully the independent A-League will invest in that sort of thing.

Welly to win this I reckon.

What the hell was Toivonen doing?

Also Welly are getting someone sent off.

Theres the first goal. Victory up 1-0

Terrible marking by Durante, gave Nedermeyer all the room in the world.

Bring maxy home.

He’s been a standout for Wellington this game. Would happily have him back.

Typically arsey stuff, they’ve been second best in every facet.

Is there anything worse than half time player interviews?

Classic Victory. Williams wins ball, is penalised and carded and his side concedes from resulting free kick. William’s sin is apparently going in for the ball with a slide. Roll video and watch other similar if not identical challenges in 1st half, anyone…?

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Phx have truly missed Fenton since he got injured. They relied so heavily on their 2 wide men actually being quite good and have suffered since

Fenton has been seriously strong, and in salary capped league his ilk are super hard to replace.