HAL Transfers and Rumours 19/20

Nux signed some absolute nobodies when the site was down


The main interest is what happens with Bolt though, given that Maltese club offered him a contract.

Bolt supposedly rejected the two year Maltese offer.

And Nux signed Callan Elliot and Reuben Way yesterday. Also added former Sydney FC player Max Burgess.

Victory have signed Rahmat Akbari from the Roar

…where obviously the most important part of the story is that the accompanying photo was clearly taken in a toilet cubicle, as though the Nix have Fonzie as CEO (Ask your parents) .

A bit disappointed we didn’t hang onto him… Maybe we did put an offer in but he saw the Victory as a better option.

Apparently CCM are offering Bolt a contract. What a joke.

Any mention on how much he would be on?

Mulvey apparently had no idea:

I’ve seen it thrown around on Twitter that it is a formal training contract or something like it.

I love Mulvey’s response.

Yeah I’m thinking Mulvey and the club aren’t 100% on the same page about Bolt…

I guess he will be better than Aaron Mooy, overtake the injured Arzani and surpass all of Harry Kewell’s achievements (proved by his stint at Victory). English clubs eye Mariners forward Pain | The World Game

That’s a weird one.

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Demba Ba is in Sydney and interested in a move to the HAL. Be interesting if anything came of it.

Apparently Lou Sticca wants to bring Celtic’s Scott Brown to Australia, presumably as part of Western Melbourne if they get a license.

Awesome. They’ll have the 4th best deep midfielder in the league!

Fornaroli, Brattan and Caceres could all be leaving City in January:


Youd think all three wouldn’t have any trouble finding another A-League team.

But they want to hang onto baccus

Weren’t caceres and brattan signed by “Manchester city” originally?

Yep both are on loan I believe.