HAL Transfers and Rumours 19/20


That’s crazy. What is going on over there


This sums it up for mine

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Krishna could be on the way out:

If he leaves, Wellington are even more fucked than they already are.


Nux sign Ante Covic as an injury replacement for Kurto


I wonder if he will play this weekend. Will be good to boo him again.

That said he had a good season at Rockdale so can clearly still do the business.


Didn’t he concede 7 or 8 in their NPL semi? Warms the heart to see him look for someone else to blow up at every time the net ripples.

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“The Advertiser” is claiming that Adelaide United are keen to bring in Bobô as an injury replacement for Baba Diawara.


That would suck so much. Let’s not boo him.


I don’t buy it. Not yet anyway. However Bobo is having a difficult time in Turkey


If Brandon O’Neil gets an overseas move in January SFC could do worse than looking to Mariners to release Tommy Hiariej.
As silly as it seems Mulvey does not seem to like one of the very few quality players in the Mariners line up.

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Shenkenveld has said that he wants marquee status to go beyond this season, on at least $500k per year. I can’t see City going for that but with the current regime, who knows?


He’s a very good defender. Can see him going to the Jleague or something like that


And unlike most CBs, Schenkenveld is really quick. Someone else will probably offer more than CFG are prepared to offer him to stay here.


Rowles seems likely to go to City. Apparently he shares management with DDS and the management want to get back at CCM for the whole transfer saga which saw him come here.


Sounds like nonsense to me, surely more to do with City trying to hoover up already semi-developed youth and Grella having ties with Heart.

I don’t see why CCM should’ve been out of pocket for any transfer fee when they didn’t even want DDS coming here, so not unreasonable for them to insist that someone else cough it up.


I hope a HAL club makes a move for Ben Folami on loan. He needs to start playing first team games and Australia needs some young forwards to come through. Adelaide could really use him.

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Really interested to see if Kwame Yeboah is going to kill it with whichever HAL club he signs with or if he wasted four key years of his football development.


Yeboah has apparently already signed a contract somewhere:


And we have been dropped as a potential destination in that article


It also looks like McCormack may be cutting off his loan deal at CCM to go elsewhere: